What if I told you that your lack of self love is why life & life goals feel so hard ?!?
What if I told you that your lack of self love is why life & life goals feel so hard ?!?

What if I told you that your lack of self love is why life & life goals feel so hard ?!?



I want to talk to you about a common belief I hear often, a belief that once occupied my heart and soul too. 

As someone who coaches people from all over the world, I often hear a similar belief when I ask clients to share top life goals. Here is an idea of how the conversation frequently goes when I ask people what their top goals are. 


” I want to feel better inside ”

” I want to experience peace and calm in my life ”

” I want to feel happier ”

” I want to feel unstuck ” 

” I want to feel beautiful ”

” I want to feel successful ”

In response I’ll always ask  people to share with me what they feel they need to do to feel that way and people always have a long list that they have clearly put a lot of time into thinking over.

” I need to lose weight ”

” I need to get a better job ”

” I need to make some friends ”

” I need a new house ”

What if I told you  ” You’re mixing  up your strategy to success and I want to help you flip it around. “

We tend to think that once we reach a certain level in life we will finally experience  self love, self respect and self belief. We think, finally we will have some self worth and value.

But here’s the thing, SO many drop the weight, get the new job, buy that new car and STILL feel empty inside. They put in all this work to achieve the ultimate goal of feeling contentment, peace and joy and find themselves feeling the very same if not worse only a short time down the road.

Show of hands, how many people reading this wanted to feel better about themselves and thus decided to make a big life change and lost weight or changed jobs and did feel great at 1st but the excitement wore off fast when you realized you still felt the very same way on the inside ? Ok, I can’t see the hands but I am willing to bet, the percentage is high !

The problem ? We just get the order of the needed work wrong! It seems like such a small miscalculation but believe me when I tell you it has dire consequences. 

Are you wondering what I mean exactly about mixing up the order of things ? 

Think about it this way, you decide to build a beautiful home, you buy the best of wood, the best marble, best tiles, best of everything. It takes almost 2 years to build this home, it truly is beautiful in every way and by 1st glance it seems like you should be thrilled with your new home where you’ll live many happy years. You are SO happy BUT that happiness soon comes crashing down when you find out that the contractors forgot to build a foundation. The foundation is key because it supports the ENTIRE  home and thus is doesn’t matter what types of materials went into building it, it just wont last !!

THIS is what my coaching mission is all about, helping people do the ” heart ” work first so all the other work they put in along the way has a strong foundation to sit on. 

What does that mean exactly ? It means I work with people to find self love, self respect and self belief right away, just as they are, not some day when they feel good enough but today in the now just as they are because who we all are in the now IS good enough. My philosophy is that we need to do the inside work, change that inner dialogue if not 1st at least simultaneously while we work on other goals like weight loss for one example. My coaching is completely centered around loving who we are now ensuring that we have a strong foundation.

 The coaching I offer is 100 % online 

All my coaching is online which allows me to coach anyone, anywhere in the world providing they have an internet connection.

Currently, all clients to date have loved having our sessions in the facebook pm section. It’s convenient, the conversation moves fast like real time and there is no video involved so you can be coaching in the comfort of ( well whatever you have going on that day ) I have coached clients at their child’s sport events, cafes, on work breaks…you name it.

I provide support, motivation and accountability in the following ways: 

** (1)  60 minute coaching session per week online.

** Unlimited access to me via e-mail or facebook pm Monday – Friday  ( I check my e-mail / pm’s  at least once daily. Clients are welcome to reach out any time needed. It’s important that clients know they are not alone and that I care.

** Individual advice and guidance. As a team, we get very detailed and create an individualized plan for you. I do have a coaching flow that I follow, however, this is not one size fits all and no two clients have the same coaching. It is based on you as a person and the individual needs you have.

** Each session will conclude with time offered to ask any questions you may have or to just share anything on your mind.

** Each session as a team, we come up with at least 2- 3 goals to set into action over the week to come and we set an action plan in place to make sure you are set up for success to make them happen. The goals are set and centered around the type of coaching you move forward with and the goals you want to reach but again the foundation WILL always be to pursue reaching goals in a way that honors and promotes loving yourself the way you are, knowing you have value and worth already ! This means some sessions may be spent entirely on talking about self love and setting up a goal to keep momentum with that moving into the week. Each client comes at different points in their journey, once you touch base, we can talk more about how your coaching will look. 

If interested in learning more or of you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in touching base.

My email is sdbown@hotmail.com ( please note, my last name when typing email is BOWN and not BROWN )

Frequently asked coaching questions –> http://sarabown.com/frequently-asked-coaching-questions

Clients testimonials —> http://sarabown.com/testimonials

My journey and mission as a life coach –> http://sarabown.com/about

In light and love,
Sara Bown
sdbown@hotmail.com ( Bown not Brown )

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