FREE Christmas dance party challenge 2021
FREE Christmas dance party challenge 2021

FREE Christmas dance party challenge 2021

Hi friends, goodness can you believe that as of today there are only 45 days left until 2022 ?!? I decided to start my own little challenge in my home with my littles and to open it up and make it a HUGE dance party where we can all take part together.

So what’s the challenge ?? Believe me when I say it cannot be easier. I simply challenge ALL of us to dance for 15 – 60 mins daily until 2022 ( we’ll be dancing to Christmas music of course lol ) and …… THAT’S IT !!! This is meant to get us moving for physical exercise but it’s also meant to help us all get in the spirit of Christmas, you can rock this alone or invite some friends over and have a laugh together, if you have littles around, dance with them and be silly, make some awesome memories. I will be dancing daily myself and if I decide to make it a 60 minute session, I’ll also be using moves from the walk away the pound videos to really get a great workout so steps, kicks, punches and dancing, you get the idea.

How to show you’re taking part ? Simply go to my facebook group –> Sara Bown & friends and pinned to the top of this group page will be a post regarding this challenge where in comments you can type what you accomplished that day but I’ll be honest, I really REALLY want to see some fun Christmas photos and videos shared with the hashtag #ChristmasDanceParty2021 let’s have some real Christmas fun together and make it a time to remember !! If you aren’t part of this private group yet, send a request and please take the time to answer the question, this is how I make sure only real accounts join. IF You’re participating from Instagram, post your photo / video on your wall and tag me ! #ChristmasDanceParty2021


This challenge is 100% free but I do have some coaching openings where I’m offering a Christmas special and you can find that info here –->

OK, ARE YOU READY TO HAVE FUN ?? I sure am !!!!

~ Sara Bown <3

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