Sara Bown & friends 2021 #PowerInTogether wellness challenge !

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 Friends, I am BEYOND excited to be hosting our virtual 5k / 10 k’s again and I’ve been thinking of a way I can tie in a challenge with the 5k / 10k like I’ve done in the past to keep us moving all month long where everyone can participate ?!? Hummm……

I want to make this the least confusing while effective as possible..

#1 -> Make  ( weekly )  goals & track whatever way you’re able, anyone with any type of activity watch can do this easily for exercise for example .. otherwise, take pics of what you’re doing … think of making cute collages of your daily accomplishments:) Need help setting up some goals ? If so, I’ve shared some ideas here —> <— 

#2 -> Each day that you’re up to it, share what you’ve accomplished on the Sara Bown –><–   page by making a page post. OR share in my private facebook group —> <—  Some may want to share daily, others weekly … what you share and to how much will be 100 % up to you ! IF you share accomplishment collages in my private group & don’t want me to share out on my main facebook page, please let me know.

#3 ->This isn’t a needed step but our page hashtag is #PowerInTogether ! No matter what social platform you’re using or what challenge you’re doing, if it has to do with something I’m hosting, the hashtag to use is #PowerInTogether

#4 -> Have fun!!

That’s it folks, something each one of us can do !!

Who am I, hosting: My name is Sara Bown, I’m a blessed wife of ( almost 22 years ) to my best friend David. I’m a mother to three amazing boys who are 18, 14, & 7 and baby girl who’s soon to be 2. I’m a motivational speaker, published writer & certified LIFE coach. I started my main facebook page –> Sara Bown <– in 2011 and have been posting just about daily since.

My mission: To help others live their BEST most BLESSED life by rocking #SelfLove#SelfRespect#SelfBelief all on the foundation of #GodsGrace What we shine into the world matters !

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In light and love,
Sara Bown ( Bown not Brown )




What do you think ?

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