5 tips to help you get back on track with your goals during a global pandemic !
5 tips to help you get back on track with your goals during a global pandemic !

5 tips to help you get back on track with your goals during a global pandemic !

5 tips to help you get back on track with your goals during a global pandemic !

On January 1st 2020 did you have visions of crushing some goals, goals that have instead been crushed in another less positive way by a global pandemic ? If so, you are most certainly NOT alone, this has been a challenging time for most with routines turned completely upside down so before you read any further, I want you to pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come and for doing the best you can during such uncertain, challenging times !!

You may have the frame of mind of calling it quits for 2020 / 21 and to just hold on tight until 2022 and hope for the best BUT I want to challenge you to make the BEST of NOW !

Here are 5 tips to help you get on track with your top life goals that will serve you well both during this pandemic & when it’s over.

  1. Have a support system in place even if it’s ONE go to person, isolation over time can lead to depression and anxiety which in turn can make people feel like digging a hole and jumping in with both feet which often leads to communication with others being completely cut off. If this sounds like you, I challenge you to touch base with someone asap, have a conversation online, enjoy some facetime and if local advisories allow, go for a walk, coffee or lunch. We are not meant to be completely devoid of interactions with others. Support, love and connection are vital to our health and wellness. If you have stopped the lines of communication with others for any length of time, this may be a real challenge but I promise you, the outcome will be worth it and YOU may just help someone else feeling the same way by reaching out. Also, remember that asking for help is a sign of strength, if you feel the grasp of depression and or anxiety are leaving you gasping for air please seek help TODAY from a medical professional.

2. Girl, brush your hair !!! Got ya, don’t worry, your laptop camera isn’t turned on hehe but seriously, self care /                  hygiene is SO important !  I have 4 children at the ages of 19, 15, 7 and 2 and I know all to well how amazing a              shower can feel when it’s prioritized.  Having a shower, brushing our teeth / hair, putting on some face cream and          or makeup along with wearing something that makes us feel good can completely change our day in the BEST of          way !

3. Get rid of brain fog /static and focus on what truly matters to you right now. When working with clients, I ask                  them to close their eyes and envision 3 mental health baskets as a way to cut out the static ( the things that take            up room but are of no benefit to us ) So let’s channel our inner Marie Kondo and get organizing !

The three baskets:

1*  You want a basket for KEEP ITEMS  –  These are things that really need to be kept in the forefront of your mind like relationships, work commitments and things that bring you peace, joy & health like reading, listening to music, calling a friend, going over daily devotions, exercise, eating well, staying hydrated…you get the idea.

2*  A basket for maybes – Things that matter where you need to decide if it’s the right timing  for them to be in the forefront such as planning a big move, volunteer work, taking on extra work responsibilities, trading in your vehicle, going on vacation….  Maybes are things worth keeping organized for a latter time.

3* And lastly, a basket for LET GO  – This is the static basket and it’s filled with worry, fear, shame, guilt causing a constant noise in our head telling us what we CAN’T do instead of what we can do ! Static takes up the MOST space and resonates the loudest in our heads so it’s important to let go of as much as we can !

4. Now that you’ve started to build a healthy foundation, focus on your current top 2 – 3 goals, these would have             been in your keep basket and should be goals that make you feel excited where you can truly envision the                     positive outcome of reaching them. Write them down and voice why they matter and what accomplishing them             would mean to you, try to really create a sense of connection with how this is going to impact your life in a                    positive way in the here and now !

5. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can accomplish today – GET STARTED !!  Remember that motivation comes           and goes like a freight train,  to truly accomplish anything great in life we need dedication, determination &                   perseverance and remember, if you believe you can’t…you won’t !

And for me this always lays on God’s grace. 

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