8 BIG questions we can ask ourselves if we have BIG life goals | Facebook Live Series

Hi friends, the first week of August, I started an 8 part live video series via Facebook  Live sharing 8 questions we can ask ourselves to help us reach those goals and dreams that matter so much to us.

Here are the video links in order, enjoy and may they add value to your life.


Video#1 | Question#1

Video#2 | Question#2

Video#3 | Question#3 & #4

Video#4 | Question#5

Video#5 | Questions #6 #7 & #8

And this is the video I mentioned in video 5 that you may find value in if you fight being your own worst enemy and it’s called ” Don’t be a troll in your own life ”

I pray you found value in this 8 part series and I look forward to delivering a new topic come Monday August 15th

~ Sara Bown

What do you think ?

ღ Sara Bown - Published Speaker & Certified LIFE coach
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