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My journey & mission as a LIFE coach

My journey & mission as a LIFE coach


  Hi there, I’m so honored to have you visiting my coaching page. ‬My name is Sara Bown ( Down Town Bown, not Brown )  I’m 44 and live in Atlantic Canada. I’ve been married to the love of my life David for 23 years and together we have 3 wonderful boys who are 20, 16 & 8 and a baby girl who is 3. Along with this, I’m a published writer, speaker & certified LIFE coach. In short, I’m on a mission to empower people to live their BEST most BLESSED life, helping them find value and worth in who they are this very moment while providing hope that the goals of their heart and soul are possible on the other side of self love, respect and belief.  This work is heart work for me and I feel God placed this on my heart many moons ago.

So how did my journey begin? Well, I’ll spare you the details of going all the way back to 1978 and share how my coaching journey got started.
      It was late 2010, I was 32 and at that time I was feeling really low in self love, respect and self belief. I had a beautiful life with my husband and our two boys but there was still part of me that felt that I wasn’t living up to my potential or calling. I was sad, anxious and felt lost. At the time, I felt like all my negative emotions were 100 % connected to my size and that perhaps changing my size ( weight ) would change everything else too but I also knew from past attempts that it couldn’t all be about weight loss and that I had to dig deeper to find my inner worth. I can remember getting in the shower one night and how my tears burned as they streamed down my face, I began pleading with God to let me wake up 20 pounds lighter and as absurd as it may sound, I wasn’t joking. I was desperately, pleading  (( please God, if you could just let me wake up 20 lbs pounds lighter, I’ll have the boost I need to continue strong, it will give me hope ))  in the midst of this shower meltdown, I had a peace come over me that I already had all the needed tools to change my life, I felt hope and I started the wheels of change that very night. I stood in the shower that night at 310 lbs  and not even a year later, I was down 80 lbs !
  About 3-4 months into that part of my journey I decided to create a facebook page and share what I was doing. At the time, I thought if I could have 20 people on my page following where we could share motivation it would be amazing. To be sitting here today having a verified facebook page over 22,000 friends strong blows my mind, I feel so blessed to have this platform and I appreciate and care for my community so much. I continued sharing my ups and downs along with everything in between, I was hosting free global challenges, had some big sponsors providing prizes for these challenges and that’s when page friends started touching base telling me to look into being a life coach, that in fact I already was coaching without even knowing it. I blew it off at first, I had never really heard of every day life coaches for every day people & thought that was just something the rich & famous did. Eventually, however I did look into it and in doing so, I realized that every day of my life leading up to that moment was meant to happen, even the hard ((  especially the hard )) to bring me where I was so I could use my voice, my feelings, hardships & successes to help others & that’s when I decided to find an accredited school where I could get certified and add schooling credentials to what I had to offer. I enrolled in a * master spirit life coaching course * and after passing my exam 10 months later, I earned the credentials of Sara Bown LIFE wellness coach ( wellness from the inside out ) now 10 years into coaching people from all over the world, the first word that comes to mind is honored ! I cannot begin to express to you the joy and fulfillment coaching brings me & how privileged I feel that people trust me with such intimate, delicate parts of their lives.
        So what’s my coaching mission ?  I have to start this by sharing that I’m not solely a weight loss coach. Years ago, I had seemed to start on that path but sitting here now over 10 years later out of my 30’s and in my 40’s I get to see things from a different perspective with more life experience. It’s the journey between then and now where I have learned so much. I now know that true happiness is found in gaining life & not merely in loosing weight. I’ve learned that surface goals always have layers like an onion & real change & growth comes from peeling back the layers. Again, I’ve been honored to work with people from all over the world and my desire is to help make life dreams & intentions into realities with action plans !! You see, when I started my journey, I had lost 80 pounds, which was amazing but a lifetime has passed since then, I’ve had two more children, now a mother of 4, it’s safe to say that my body has changed pretty drastically over the last 20 years since my 1st was born. I’m not down all those 80 lbs anymore but I have found peace & value in who I am… the way I am…. in the skin I’m in and THAT is the gift I want to give others, to help YOU live your best life NOW,  It’s important that those I work with know they have great value and potential JUST AS THEY ARE when they start coaching. Can I say with complete honesty that I’m always thrilled about my current weight ? No, I can’t ! I still have “moments” in all areas of my life I work to improve, I think that’s part of the human condition and I know that in sharing struggles some may be turned off, they may want their coach to continuously have all their ducks in a perfect row but perfect doesn’t exists & I’d rather you know you’re not alone in your thoughts & feelings. I believe that my ability to help others the way I do is a direct result of truly knowing the fight along with the dedication, determination and perseverance required to reach #SelfLove #SelfRespect & #SelfBelief it is the deep knowledge of how the pain and shame feels that sparks my passion and ignites my mission ! I’m someone who cares deeply and wants to go beneath the surface with you as a trusted coach. I do this work because I feel called to do so, helping others is part of me like breathing. Of course I can’t ” cure ” people, the truth is, if a person feels broken, they need to fix themselves, I can however help every step of the way and help light the path and it’s my privilege to do so which includes to help with your health if that’s a goal.

Have a question or concern ? I realize paying someone you’ve never met in person may feel scary so I have taken the time to answer any and all questions I could think of, as transparency is extremely important to me. Along with reading the links below, please feel free to do a google search of my name, you can also check out my client testimonials which are all 100% written by real clients and I also have reviews you can view on my facebook page. I’ve been posting online almost daily for just about 12 years and my footprint is there to see, I pray this provides ease that I’m not going anywhere. If looking me up please looks up Sara Bown and not ( Brown )

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In light & love,
~ Sara Bown

sdbown@hotmail.com ( Bown not Brown )


                                                                           Keepers of my heart 

           This video was made years ago and shows a small window into my journey ! 

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