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My name is Sara Bown, I’m 41,  a blessed wife to David of 20 years, mom to 3 wonderful boys who are 17, 13 & 6 and a new baby girl who is 9 months old !  I’m also a speaker, writer & certified LIFE coach.  In short, I’m on a mission to empower women to live their BEST most BLESSED life, rocking #SelfLove #SelfRespect & #SelfBelief and for me, that’s always on the foundation of #GodsGrace

What’s the difference between what I do as a LIFE coach and a weight loss coach ?? When I started coaching 8 years ago, I thought it was going to be mostly about helping people shed pounds but as I have traveled my own journey over the last few years, I have realized, my passion, is to help people GAIN life instead of solely focusing on losing weight. 

Trust me, I get it, having started my journey at 310 lbs in 2010 so low in self love, self respect and self belief..  I know what it is to want to be smaller – I remember the night before I finally made life changes, I was in the shower, crying my eyes out and praying to God to make me better, to let me wake up 20 lbs lighter because if he did, I would have hope. I can still remember the hot tears burning my face and the deep pain I felt. So many years later, I know I was also asking God to help me feel worthy but what I didn’t know at that time is what I REALLY needed was to love myself just the way I was, the way God created me and maybe even forgive myself for being human/ not the picture of perfect I expected ! I did come away with something that evening and that was feeling that God placed on my heart that I already had all the tools needed to change my life, I just had to use them and moving forward, I needed to be still and listen.

My passion is helping women find their passion, their purpose, their God given gift, to truly LIVE, not some day when they feel good enough but NOW in this very moment because we all ARE good enough just the way we are !

Life is precious and we never know how long we have, I help women live TODAY to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t promised and waiting to live our best most blessed life someday when we feel good enough, is like playing russian roulette !

As a young girl, I knew God had a purpose for me and I’ll admit that so many years passed without me knowing what it was, that I begun to question if I had been wrong. Now I know I was always meant to travel the road I did, feel what I have, learn and grow as a did so I could be here now and help others from a place of knowing what’s it’s like to want to live a more full, rich, blessed life.


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 My goal in life is to provide another option for women who don’t feel good enough, for women who want more so they have more to give but just don’t know how ! 



In light & love
Sara E Bown 

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