Can our attitude and gratitude really change the course of our day, our life ?!
Can our attitude and gratitude really change the course of our day, our life ?!

Can our attitude and gratitude really change the course of our day, our life ?!

Can our attitude and gratitude really change the course of our day, our life ?!

As each new day begins, some of us will face awful hardship, if you are one of those people, I send love, prayers, well wishes, positive vibes and hope you find peace over the situation. However, the majority of us, will have a day that ultimately unfolds the way we let it unfold. I believe with all my heart, after living a stress filled life for years, to the point where I felt stress was killing me, that we in so many ways create the outcome of the day. Most of us have bills to pay, stressful events going on, people in our life that may try bring us down and yet not all of us will handle this the same way and as a result, not all of us will end the day feeling the same way. I talk about choices all the time as a life coach and the reason I do, is because life, and the life we live, really is all about the series of choices we make every day. I posted a video blog a few months ago, talking about how taking each choice as they come is life changing, it changed my life. See, I began a journey in 2010 to become more healthy and I can post and share hundreds of  before / current pictures but what I cannot fully show is where I was inside at the time, with all the beautiful things my life offered and even within my own gratitude I had and I had a lot, I still decided to focus on the negative, it was a choice I made daily even if not fully aware at the time,  it was a choice that gave me much heartache that was above and beyond any extra pounds I had. My weight, was a symbol of the abuse of food I used to try and escape the stresses that we all face. I was not a bad person, or living a bad life, I still loved, had amazing moments, felt my faith strong within BUT I was NOT  living my best life, my most authentic life. THIS is why I do not believe in diets ( restriction diets ) because yes, some people do have a recent food issue, they can solve very quickly when recognized and worked on, but for many of us, it’s our foundation that needs work, our heart and mind to find new perspectives, hope, joy  within and I can share this with 100 % confidence because I have lived this…when I tell you I went from a stress machine to someone who now can laugh at some of the same issues I am not exaggerating. My new ability to handle this, is what also gives me strength with my health and wellness and the choices I make to keep me healthy and constantly moving forward the very best I can and to get up when I fall down ( we ALL do )  Before I would sit on a problem or concern and it would take over, consume really but there was no action on my part except hoping things would get better. Now, I take it all in, and get to work right away on a solution and I am better able to handle all things. I make a choice to see the best in a situation and it is a choice because sometimes the immediate reaction is to just sit in it ( I am still human ) but I know where that leads and I know that I and my family deserve better. We ALL deserve to live our BEST most happy, healthy life ! What I am wanting to share is how I am the same the person I was years ago,  what has changed in my attitude and the way I decide to see things.

An example is in how children see things….let’s say two families buy the same tree for their garden…Yep keeping it real basic here.

One family wanted one like the neighbors up the road and they could not afford the same one so had to settle, from the moment it was purchased it represented what they could not afford and as the children were excited to see it planted, the parents said ” why are you happy, this is an ugly tree, did you see…………….tree up the THAT is a nice tree. The children changed their mind and all of the sudden and also wished they had the same tree and could no longer see the beauty.

Another family, also see a neighbor with a tree and they love it, they save to buy one and find one much younger and smaller that they can afford and are excited. They bring it home and the children notice how small it is, they were thinking their parents were leaving to get the same one as the one up the street but the parents begin to explain how special this one is, because like them, it is only young and as they grow the tree will grow and maybe someday when they have children, they will have many stories to share with their children of the tree growing over the years…All of the sudden the children take interest and fight over who can water it…

Ok, so yes I used a tree as the example here but these things happen ALL the time with ALL sorts of material things.. Notice the object didn’t change in these scenarios, it was the attitude and gratitude. My hope in providing motivation on this page or working as a life coach is that I not only provide motivation and inspiration to drop pounds and inches, my true wish is to help people from the inside out, because I KNOW that is where the magic is !!

Much love, Sara xo


                Redwood sapling at Yosemite National Park, California, U.S.

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