Sara Bown | Wellness Coaching | Client blog on journey to date
Sara Bown | Wellness Coaching | Client blog on journey to date

Sara Bown | Wellness Coaching | Client blog on journey to date

  In this blog post, Suzanne really shows us how having health goals is a wonderful thing to have and to always push towards, HOWEVER, sometimes in order to reach health goals or any goal for that matter, we need to really work on the foundation of our life first.  Coaching, should be all about working from the foundation up, not skipping over anything that needs to be worked on and Suzanne has done this and has come such a long way in the time we have been working together. Coaching works for her because she is dedicated and determined to live the life she deserves.  I am extremely proud of her as a client and now friend. 


Client Blog:
Suzanne Carr, Nova Scotia Canada 

 ” I’m Suzanne & I’m a 35 yr old mother of a very busy 12 year old son and have been married to the love of my life for almost 10 years. I’m lucky because I’ve struggled in many ways but one thing for sure is no matter how frustrated I and they get, I have an extremely supportive family and friends who are there no matter how hard things get and not everyone can say that.

I’ve been over weight and struggled with my weight always but growing up I didn’t know I did. My parents didn’t keep a lot of junk around and kept me very active because they recognized the struggles I had. I lived a very easy simple life that I really didn’t need anything more than I had. I look back and see now that then I had binge eating tendencies when I could. I’d always want to keep eating but it was kept under control.

I remember when I graduated I was 140 lbs and I remember thinking I was so big. After I graduated I was dating someone long term and got comfortable and gained up to 200 lbs. I was 19 when I joined weight watchers points for the first time and I lost 40 lbs and weighed 160 lbs. That was the weight I was when I got pregnant with my son when I was 23 yrs old.

It was then that my binge eating really got out of control. I gained 90 lbs when I was pregnant with Tyler. Most of it in my last 3 months while on bed rest. I went back to work when Tyler was 4 months because I held a great term job with the government and I would of lost it if I didn’t go back. I always resented that. My mom was home with me and I wanted to be home with my son. When he was 4 years old my term ended and that’s when things got a little crazy for me. Up until this time I consistently kept my weight at about 225 lbs.

I don’t know why but it’s the next 7.5 years that’s kind of a blur. I really concentrated on my son and his school and volunteering with his school and sports activities so much that what I wanted and needed really went to the back burner. I don’t regret that time because it’s time that I will always have. I did struggle with keeping up with all I took on and my own housework and my commitments plus trying to lose weight so much that I struggled with depression. The longer it went the harder it was to really get out of it. There were days that I really didn’t want to get out of bed and once Tyler went to school I would go back to bed. I had some pretty dark days.

Luckily I have great family and friends and a group of my online tealies to get me through those days.

In October 2012 I made contact with Sara Bown (life coach) and really felt she got me and understood my journey because in a lot of ways she lived a lot of the same trials I did not long before. I think we are a lot alike which gave me a lot of hope.

She really helped me start from scratch with goals and things that seem so easy for me now, that were a real challenge then. Things like getting out of bed many mornings were a horrible thought. Sara never judged me, she just helped me work on what needed to be worked on and I am sure there were days where I frustrated her more than anyone else but I wouldn’t of known, because all I got was support and so much of it. I didn’t lose a lot of weight to date (I actually gained) but I’ve gained a lot of self confidence and the ability to keep up with things that need to be done. I’ve learned to talk when things are bothering me and stop letting things build up inside.

In June 2013, I hit my highest weight ever. I hit 301 lbs. On July 4, 2012 Sara gave me one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever faced. To go 28 days with none of the foods that cause me to binge eat normally. Like deep fried foods, chips, chocolate bars, candy and pop. I went 26 days and then had a huge slip. It was that challenge that really let me see how much of a problem binge eating is. It’s one I work on every day.

I am currently down 14 lbs and on Monday I start my next journey in my life and that’s where I go back to work full time something even 10 months ago I mentally couldn’t of done.

My self confidence is at an all time high. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn about me still but I do know that the consistent daily routine will really help me. I’m back at weight watchers for 100th time and I’m back at the gym and they are both going to be part of my working day. Up at 5:30am for the gym work for 8am and then once a week weight watchers on the way home. This all has to just become a part of me. Even when I hit my goal weight I will always struggle and I can honestly tell you that I’ve learned from Sara how to just accept things and move on.

I’ve become a different person in many ways. I know now that I’ve always been a great mom and I very involved one but me as a person got a way from me and I became too much a mom and a wife and not enough a person. I’m now working at balancing all of them equally.

I always thought that loosing the weight would cause me to mentally become stronger but it’s mentally becoming stronger that is allowing me to lose the weight.

 Sara, YOu know what I need when I need it.  YOu know when I need to be coddled or when I need space to learn about myself or when I need you to be a bit more forceful. YOu just seem to know what is needed and when. 
 You will never know how much I am in gratitude for what you’ve done for me.  You’ve always been there like a best friend and not like a client. 

Two things that I’ve really taken away from all of this is

If I don’t do it now when will I

I’m looking for progress not perfection. ” 



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