Coming out of the shadows
Coming out of the shadows

Coming out of the shadows

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September 26, 2011

Last year, and 50 lbs ago, I was 33 and I felt like I was 80 or what we perceive as 80. Where I work, people come in all the time up to the age of 100 who take great care of themselves and they put the ” 33 ” year old ” me ” to shame.
It is hard to look back at a ” flawed self ” I mean, once you come out of your own shadow and see your old self from a new perspective it can be hard. I truly believe in the saying that ” when we know better, we do better ” sometimes, we don’t realize this until it’s too late but on rare occasions, a few of us are blessed and able to have a real opportunity at a new beginning. There is no point to feel remorse or regret over where we have come from and besides, all the focus should be on celebrating where WE ARE !!

Something that still stands out to me and amazes me ALL the time is HOW MUCH that can change in a few short months. I am from the theory that with ” true ” weight loss you also lose other things along the way and it’s really funny how sometimes the ” losing weight ” part, isn’t even the best thing going on. For example, I love that I fit into smaller clothes, but the BEST part is the confidence that I can walk into a room and not feel like the odd one out, or judged. I feel normal, and like I belong and that is pretty great. I used to worry so much, for everyone and everything, this journey has really shown me to take things one day at a time and that ” worry ” is just another thing that gets in the way of our goals and dreams. Again, this has nothing to do with how I ” look ” but to live in a world with less worry is like winning the lottery. I used to let others who were judgmental, and who didn’t take the time to know the real me, bring me down and I took every word and action to heart. I now realize that ” people who hurt others ” usually do so because they in fact are hurting and some people you just have to let go of even if this hurts and it does !

I remember just 8 months ago waking up each day with guilt, guilt because I knew inside I could be doing better and I prayed for God to help me. I was really praying for God to make me the way I wanted without ANY of the work – I now realize once again, that God knows best and that the things that make me a more confident, strong person today are the things I learned ON THE JOURNEY over the last few months and the things I will continue to learn as I continue. Had there been no journey, there would be NO growth.
One of the BEST parts of taking on a challenge, goal, dream, whatever it is for you is when you reach it, or at least start to realize it, like me, you can tell other people they can too because YOU KNOW from experience that they really can. Last year, if I had looked my little boys in the eyes and told them ” you can do anything ” it would have been a great idea I was sharing with them that I wished were true. Today, I can look them in the eyes and tell them this will full confidence ” YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO ” You may have to re adjust, re evaluate and make a few changes along the way as we change all the time but anything worth fighting for is possible.

I think it’s also important to always love who we were and where we came from. The old me may have fit into size 22 -24 clothes, been a little reserved, worried too much and held my family back with my low self esteem…but I was honest, loving, loyal and caring – The new confident me benefits greatly from my new lifestyle but it comes from a great foundation of who I already was even when obese. WEIGHT does not make us bad people but it does take away from our quality of life ( ( and the quality of life of those who love us ) and in some situations, it takes away our life for real !!

If you haven’t started this journey yet, I say – TODAY IS YOUR DAY !! WE CAN DO THIS I am still on my journey and will be for life

~ Sara <3


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