Dear Ellen DeGeneres | application to fund my project | Sara Bown
Dear Ellen DeGeneres | application to fund my project | Sara Bown

Dear Ellen DeGeneres | application to fund my project | Sara Bown

  Dear Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen team & anyone else who may see this post and want to be involved| application to fund my project | Sara Bown Use it 2 lose it

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 I have decided to put myself WAY out there in sharing that I am trying to do the impossible. I am always telling others to put themselves out there, to try and give their all, so here I go because we never know what goals we can reach in life, if we don’t try !

It has become crystal clear to me in recent years what my purpose is in life after years of knowing I had a purpose but not certain what that purpose was. It was really eating me up inside. It is now almost equally eating me up knowing what my purpose is because I want to be doing MORE… I want to share my heart’s work and message with everyone I can and I need help in reaching as many people as possible. On my facebook page, we have hit just shy of 20,000 strong with a page reach of two million last week, but there are so many others to reach and share with. This is why I have decided to write The Ellen DeGeneres Show and to tweet her ( you Ellen ) daily as they have something you can apply for asking ( Are You Trying to Get a Project Funded? ) If you have been on my page since I started, you know that reaching Ellen has been a dream of mine for many reasons. I want to share with everyone that I am working really hard to get the free challenges I host funded. We have AMAZING, generous sponsors in Mizuno Running Canada –  Clif Bar – Lola Getts and Hydr-8 water bottles  if I could have additional help in the shipping costs and funding overall, I know the challenges and participation would only continue to grow and expand.

Certified as a life wellness coach,  a huge majority of my time is being spent hosting  free events because bottom line is, I want to help ALL the people I can.  Also, as you all know, I was able to start a program in a local school where I, with the support of the school and Mizuno Canada, was able to share my message of self love, self belief, self respect and how that goes along with the importance of health/ wellness introducing a running program- ( You can visit this link to read more )   I will continue this into the Sep / 14 school year.
I want to be able to share this with more schools in and outside of Canada. sharing my story with the deep hope I can plant the seed of the importance of living and staying healthy so our youth don’t need to grow up feeling ashamed, wishing they had put these steps in place years before ( like me ) like so many of us. I also have a goal to travel speaking to adults on the importance of how gimmick free wellness begins with #SelfLove – please view my attached video for more on this.


I have decided to share this goal openly because this involves everyone who participates on the page. I want you to know that this is not for fame or accolades – First, I want to share that it can be done.. WHO AM I TO BE ON ELLEN or shared on the Ellen blog – who was I to be in two magazines or to be featured on amazing pages… (I) AM ALL OF US and I want to do this to show it can be done, to show that NOTHING is impossible in life. That even a woman who felt lost 4 -5 years ago can make crazy, amazing things happen because when I do it, it means ANYONE can do it. It means that we ALL can live our best life the moment we decide to, and commit to doing so. It means we can reach CRAZY life goals. I also could really use the help, I am not in a position at the moment where I can cover unlimited funding for shipping, adding in prizes from myself and to travel to schools. To be funded to do so, would be life changing as it would allow me to do MORE, to help more, to give more and to focus on continuing to grow our community into the real movement that it is.

  One thing I always want to show when I share,  is my heart, my true intentions !  As a  page owner on social media and a professional life coach, I know I am putting something out there that may never happen. I know many will read and think I’m crazy and yet here I am sharing anyway because if I based my life on what others felt was possible ( what I felt was possible ) I would still be 300 lbs wishing I was living the life I deserved. I would still be struggling with self love and self worth. If we want to make amazing goals happen we HAVE to put in the work, be brave and take a little leap of faith.

I want to be very clear in sharing that I am STILL on a life journey, I always will be. My biggest accomplishment isn’t the fact that I’m no longer in the 300 lbs range, it’s the change in how I feel about myself that started when I was that weight and that even when I went up in weight during my recent pregnancy, I still loved myself, still believed in myself.  I want to help people be healthy INSIDE first because when we are well inside and build a strong foundation based on that self love, ANYTHING is possible, like life lasting health changes. I may still be on my journey, but I have not gone backwards since starting late 2010, after years of falling off track and not getting it. I now know it starts inside with how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

WHY THE ELLEN SHOW ?? I really adore Ellen and her mission to help people live a happier life, to give out smiles and to help others excel, to see the beauty in life and DANCE… I feel that what I’m doing on a much smaller scale is in line with what she wants to give others which is a happier life.

In closing, the funding would be to help grow the free challenges I host, providing more participation, excitement, the ability to reach even more people, and ultimately helping people live happier more active lives along with possibly setting up a fund where I could travel and speak with students as a starting point.

Wish me luck and if you have any way to help, please share what I’m doing anyway you can – please don’t be shy in reaching out to me with any question you may have. This is NOT a me, it’s a WE – If I tweet you for support please know it’s because I would be honored to have your support in reaching this most important goal –

Here is Ellen’s facebook page –
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Web page –
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~ Sara Bown <3





  1. Sara, I think this is an awesome idea! I hope that Ellen can “see” what a truly caring person you are & that you have a “gift” for helping people feel better about themselves by living a healthier lifestyle. I have been following you for about a year now & I feel that you are a truly authentic person who cares for others, no matter what their situation or circumstances might be. I will be praying that this all works out. God Bless you in all you are attempting here! 😉

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