We don’t need gimmicks to push our limits !
We don’t need gimmicks to push our limits !

We don’t need gimmicks to push our limits !

Today I want to share something very valuable I learned when I started this journey years ago and that is ((drum roll please )) to work with what we’ve got, we don’t need gimmicks to push our limits !


 Living in these days of social media when “ perfect “instagramable pictures reign supreme, its easy to get caught up in the hype of believing that we need expensive water bottles, designer workout clothes, sweat proof makeup, expensive equipment & the list goes on. Let me share that when I started my journey in 2010 finances were tight !   I was out running in the snow in pajama bottoms because I couldn’t afford plus size snow pants, I used fire wood & soup cans for weights at times… I used YouTube workout videos & often walked in place in my living room & I’m pretty sure I used an empty pop bottle for my water half the time… 12 years later, I wouldn’t hesitate to use the same and do at times ! Don’t get me wrong, I love cute things like the next person and if I find it in teal, forget it… I’m SOLD !  My point is, we don’t NEED cute / expensive things & if the cute things are just props and not (( real )) tools, they hold no value in our progress.


Living our best most blessed life wont come from ( things ) ! Any & all progress is going to come from a choice to be dedicated & determined with lots of perseverance.   Dedicated to make whatever needs to happen each day happen –  determined to make what we have work, even its it’s soup cans and perseverance because we can always count on life serving curve balls !

The awesome news is, ANY person reading this right now has what they need to start the wheels of change and it starts with a choice, what do you choose ?

~ Sara Bown <3

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