#Season3 –  FREE Epic Health Makeover Challenge | Sara Bown | Certified Life Coach | Coaching To Wellness |
#Season3 – FREE Epic Health Makeover Challenge | Sara Bown | Certified Life Coach | Coaching To Wellness |

#Season3 – FREE Epic Health Makeover Challenge | Sara Bown | Certified Life Coach | Coaching To Wellness |


 What makes something epic ??  It’s something grand, monumental and I  consider changing the path of our wellness for the better, pretty EPIC !! 

Who am I, hosting: My name is Sara Bown and I am a certified Life Wellness coach on my own life long wellness journey “Use” what we are blessed with to “lose” the ” I cant’s ” ♥ http://experiencelife.com/article/myself-again-sara-browns-success-story/

My Facebook Motivation Page:  https://www.facebook.com/SaraBownTransformation



PLEASE SEND ME PHOTOS OF PROGRESS AND NEW CURRENT PIC WITH GOALS ANYTIME STARTING DECEMBER 20TH SO I can have #Season4 started and posted for Jan 1st 2015 info@coachsarab.com

Season#1 was April  15th – July 1st 


Current participants, please jump in any time: A link will be provided for #Season3 once people begin to sign up 


Here is video with outline, but please still read this blog in its entirety below the video.

 Sep 28th 2014 update – I have decided to host a #Season3 and participation this time will determine if I continue to host. Keeping such FREE challenges going are an incredible amount of work that I am honored to provide when I know they are truly helping others. PLEASE LOOK FOR THE DAILY UPDATE POST STARTING OCTOBER 1ST.. I will make a post daily regarding the Epic Health Makeover Challenge come end of my day, asking how everyone did. This is your chance to share your day’s ups / downs and stay accountable.  This also shows me who’s participating. I have a few different prizes that I will randomly do draws on based on active members of this challenge.

 ( Original April 2014 note ) So where is this challenge coming from ? As I have mentioned to current page friends on my facebook Sara Bown Use it 2 lose it page, I myself am on my own forever health / wellness journey from the inside out. Before pregnancy, I was down 80 + lbs and after an entire pregnancy on low activity ( doctors orders ) and recovering from c section now 10 wks back into exercising and just finding my new normal as a mom to 3 boys 12, 8 & 20 wks, wife and working, I myself am ready to jump back in full force to continue and reach my own personal goals ! I was having this conversation over last few days with my husband as he is joining me in this 11 wks challenge and I was excited to come share with all of you, what I was going to be doing and thought….WAIT A SECOND…..I’m going to open this up for ALL of us  “!!

 The challenge:

So the idea…this is NOT about pounds dropped, now don’t get me wrong, we can celebrate pounds gone because when in this challenge, chances are, you WILL drop lbs but as a practicing certified LIFE wellness coach, what I work with clients to do is set them up on a plan where we take the focus off the ( pounds ) and put it back on building a strong foundation, finding self love, self value and implementing real changes that can REALLY be made to last for life…the weight lose happens as a natural result of how we feel and the changes made, NOT because of an obsessed attitude towards a # on the scale that needs to be reached.  The goal is  100% gimmick FREE, my journey has been all about emotional work ( building the foundation ) clean eating 80 / 20 and exercise !!  Now I cannot coach everyone wanting to join, there are just too many people, I will host this challenge and be posting about it on the page a lot with daily shout outs all for free but IF you need extra one on one help just contact me and I will offer a coaching discount if I have any openings. This challenge itself is FREE FREE FREE and I hope we have an insane amount sign up who are really truly dedicated, because come 9 wks when we are into December, it would be pretty epic to have us all celebrating together !!! What do you think ?!

* Now since this is not pound related, I wanted to take a different approach , an approach that I know motivates people ( visual ) everyone loves a before / current !!

#1. I am going to ask everyone wanting to be involved to send me a current picture that I am going to post ( GASP ) I know..this can be scary – I will be posting in the #season 3 album on my Use it 2 lose it page  with this challenge name ( this is not private and this will be part of the accountability – who cares about the before, you will have a NEW picture in 9 wks )  Adding pictures and info will take a lot of work on my end so I ask you please be sure you want to join and committed, if committed and ready to rock this out,  I will add you with joy and consider it an honor !! I realize sharing a picture can be a big deal so if you just want to send a selfie for now ( face ) that’s ok, just remember, the more you can see, the more change you will see in 9 weeks 🙂

#2. You need to really take some time, think about where you are now, where you want to be and be honest with yourself WHAT changes do you need to make, what do you really need to commit to for next 9 wks to see the changes you want ? Honesty and taking time to be clear is key here…and make sure you ask yourself  ” am I really willing and do I really believe I can ” Don’t start this saying…Oh I’ll try and put in a little effort until it get’s hard.  I say this because I KNOW EACH PERSON CAN CAN CAN CAN see results and more importantly FEEL change come 9 wks if they truly commit.  So again, think this over with an honest, open mind and really voice what needs to change 🙂 Remember this is overall change from the inside out so goals should not be all calories in / calories out related. Some may have goals of more self time, more family time, learning a hobby, spending more time with friends, working on relationship ( the list goes on ) mixed with health / wellness goals.

#3 Write this down… some may have a phone apt where they can save the picture of the goals ( changes they want to implement )  others may need to write this down on paper. Whatever you need to do, PLEASE take a picture of your goals and send to me here info@coachsarab.com ( send your current self pictures here as well ) Again, I will create an album on my Sara Bown Use it 2 lose it page with this challenge name and your pictures with goals will be posted there, I figured this would be the easiest way everyone could provide updates with how they are doing…you simply go to picture in albums and leave comments in the comment section under your own picture as often as you want, this way your progress, news, celebrations, questions are NEVER lost, bumped down and you can go look at ANY time to see how far you have come.

#4  ARE you ready ?! If so, send me an e-mail with before picture AND picture of your goals for next 9 wks – info@coachsarab.com


Some past examples of participation collages sent to me and one result collage 🙂


Photo Collage Maker_yZON5r photoGridImage

1939972_625783964169205_9035887821577068751_n 10153216_627130850701183_2483697878283886322_n


Click here to see facebook albulm and to give idea on what to do




The current FREE challenges I host – Currently 5







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