** Published in the Experience Life magazine will a 2 page article of my story in their May 2013 issue. I am always touched beyond words when others want to share my journey, this opportunity was an absolute honor. The Experience Life editors have been wonderful to work with to date and I am very grateful for their kindness.



January 13th 2014 Experience Life Magazine Updatehttp://experiencelife.com/hidi/2014/01/13/where-are-they-now-sara-bowns-update/


** Very honored to have received a 2012 IRUN award via Irun.Ca – Irun gives these to those who they feel have most inspired, motivated, and amazed them in the past year. iRun is Canada’s highest-circulation and most popular running magazine. With a total distribution of 50,000 and more than 30,000 subscribers, iRun is leading the market in the rapidly growing and highly desirable demographic of Canadian runners.


** Featured by Mizuno Run club Canada – Being featured on the Irun / Mizuno page is SUCH an honor


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** Article in The Guardian – Talking about the 1/2 marathon I was currently training to run in PEI, Canada in honor of my grandmother


Featured via Huffington Post


Thank you to all who have shared my story, the links provided are just a few out of so many and I appreciate you ALL so much !! In gratitude.
Sara Bown

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