Celebrating gratitude on days that negative wants to grab all the attention !


Celebrating gratitude on days that negative wants to grab all the attention !

Feb 5th / 2017



🌺  Friday and Saturday I did a little more than usual, I had little projects ( that were big projects now with chronic pain ) that I wanted completed and slow & surely I pushed and did most of what I wanted (( happy dance )) Still awake approaching 5am Sunday with pain, I knew I was in for a hard day. My beautiful boys and husband all dressed and went to church and I stayed home, resting, trying not to move in the wrong way ( I feel uncomfortable sharing struggles at times as I want to be a voice of positivity but I cannot share joy unless I share my pain – I cannot reach someone facing the same unless I share what unites us – I have come to realize that wanting to shine out a positive light doesn’t mean everything in my path is positive, it means I FIND the positive ! If my story ended there I would not be celebrating anything today but I am ! I’m celebrating my boys happy faces, I’m celebrating my heart, mind and spirit because it’s so crystal clear….I feel so strong in my faith and mission as a coach, more so than ever and it makes me feel STRONG despite my body physically saying NO ! I’m celebrating my husband’s awesome, loving, gentle, beautiful face I’m celebrating birds coming to our kitchen window and the house in which I sit that is an answer in prayer in itself. I’m celebrating that I was able to spend time with my parents last evening. I’m humbled by the prayer requests coming from you and my heart is full because I’m reminded that in this new way of living, there will be days that I can do more than others, some days like today, I may not be able to do a lot physically BUT I can still do so much that matters, like give cuddles, give my heart, work with so many of you across the miles ((((( thank you God for this ))))) so sitting here, all I feel is happy and grateful and hopeful for a better day tomorrow. Do I have moments where I sit in ( why ) I sure do but I don’t stay there because there is no answer to ( why ) and my future, it’s value, its meaning, it’s capabilities are found in my gratitude and celebrating all that is. Some days I do this better over others but believe with ALL my heart that I can because I have fought a broken spirit pre journey in 2010 and in so many ways, the pain was much worse !! ( Jan 5th 2017 ) ~ Sara <3

 In light and love

~ Sara Bown


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