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 Thank you for visiting my page, once I discovered my passion to help others live their best life, I decided to become certified as a LIFE wellness coach. This decision came easy as helping others in this way, is my passion and I consider this work a joy, blessing and honor !

 Before coaching, I was going to work feeling empty, knowing I wasn’t living my authentic life, I had already begun my facebook page at this point and knew there were endless amounts of questions to be answered – trusting my inner voice and following my faith, I decided to leave work, get certified and build my coaching business from the ground up. It was scary but the rewards are endless as this allows me to continue with the hours I put in each week hosting many free events and challenges. My work with clients and ALL the amazing people I come in contact with via my social media pages means a great deal to me. It is an honor and privilege to offer such events and challenges free of charge. Please look over the links below to see if there is anything that may help you and if so, please touch base !

Free motivational facebook page,


FREE virual 5k / 10k – Each month since 2012


FREE ( closed ) facebook page where I check in daily with my group members to help any way I can -> If you go to this page and send me a pm I’ll give you the needed info.


Second annual FREE half marathon coming being held THIS October !!


 Zumba challenge


Be brave challenge


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When looking me up, remember it’s BOWN and not Brown 🙂


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