FREE April 2021 wellness challenge!


🌺 Hi beautiful page friends, here we are starting the 4 th month of 2021 !

Because I know we’re all on different parts of our wellness path, I’ve done my best to create this for everyone no matter where you are in your current journey.

To start, I would suggest you create some type of vision board / sheet / post … something you can see with your April goals. It can be as extravagant as something created on bristle board or created via note pad on your phone. Taking the time to create this is in many ways like taking the time to create a contract with yourself ! I ask that once finished, you post whatever you came up with in my private facebook group, click here to be redirected & request to join —>  “ Sara Bown & friends rock life “ <— if you’re not already a member, send a request and I’ll let you in 🙂

  1. I’m asking everyone to commit to drinking more water. This is of key importance in keeping systems in our body healthy and functioning properly. There are so many people walking around dehydrated wondering why they can barely survive & function during the day. To create your goal, I ask you to consider how you’re doing now and come up with a goal you’re willing to commit to for the month. If you’re already rocking this, commit to keeping it up and possibly taking away sugary drinks or soda. 

    2.  In SO many ways we “ feel “ how we eat. I’m asking you to commit to healthier food choices this month. Dig deep, be honest and look over your current food / eating habits & patterns and come up with 1-3 goals you’re willing to commit to for March.

A few examples: Give up soda *Not eating after a certain time * Making more meals at home * Give up junk, you can start by being specific with something like cake, chips, candy or ice cream ( biggest craving  ) * eating more fruit or vegetables * Journaling all your food to stop mindless eating * cut sugary drinks including smoothies full of sugar.

   3.  Make time for 1-3 things that bring you joy !!! Life is short, too short to not find some joy in each day ! Feeling happy and content by looking after our emotional needs helps us in every other aspect of our life. Truth is, sometimes we leave our emotional goals SO long, we forget how important they are in bringing us joy.

A few examples: * Reading * Singing * meditation * prayer * scripture * drawing * walking at the beach * more physical intimacy with significant other * listening to music  * painting * time with friends even if on zoom * journal writing

4. Last but not least … physical activity. Exercise !!! I cannot say enough how good it is for both our physical & emotional needs to move our body, work up a sweat & get those joy giving endorphins going. I realize everyone is in completely different places with this so in creating this goal do as you did above & be honest with where you’re starting from. Again, you want this goal to be both challenging and also doable.

         A few examples: 1) If not         exercising at all, it may be a challenge to commit to 10-15 minutes of activity to start 5 days a week. 2) If you are already in the moderate exercise level, you may want to up your frequency from three days a week to five or six.  3) If your at the vigorous level, is there something you can improve on like form or even making more time to rest/recover ?

There you have it, I hope this doesn’t come across as overly confusing. If you have any questions at all, please reach out & ask !!

I ask you to post how you’re doing with your goals in the group as close to daily as possible to keep you both encouraged & motivated !

I wish us all a strong, happy, healthy, blessed March !!


~ Sara Bown 😘

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In light and love,
Sara Bown ( Bown not Brown )



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