Free Zumba Challenge | Zumba Video Links | #SetYourOwnGoalsAndDANCE with Sara Bown
Free Zumba Challenge | Zumba Video Links | #SetYourOwnGoalsAndDANCE with Sara Bown

Free Zumba Challenge | Zumba Video Links | #SetYourOwnGoalsAndDANCE with Sara Bown

Free Zumba Challenge | Zumba Video Links | #SetYourOwnGoalsAndDANCE with Sara Bown

This is being hosted via my facebook page Sara Bown  & wep page  Please go to facebook page to participate.


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EDIT –> 11/13/15  After a lot of summer miles and completing my second half marathon October 16th 2015 click here to view notes on my 1/2 🙂  I really need to change things up with my miles and Zumba is just the thing to do it ! Who’s in ??  Please note, the following below was written a few months ago but still holds true 🙂

Here in Atlantic Canada, winter is coming fast and when it starts to snow it really starts to snow ! On the occasional day when the trail is groomed, I can run or walk outside but I sat down to think over and come up with an exercise plan that will work for me, not to just for exercise but that I can enjoy and look forward to. Running is something I work towards to get better, it’s hard, it pushes me and I love it for all the reasons that make it hard..every run, every one, I defy the odds of what I felt was possible at 300 lbs and push limits of where and who I am now. Strength, is simply something we should all find time for as a strong self builds a strong foundation, even if 10 minutes a day. Zumba..Zumba is a natural choice for me because I LOVE music and I’ve been wanting to make more time for music in my day to day life. I also LOVE to dance, dancing allows us to express emotions and it’s amazing how a little swing of the hip can make us feel sassy and pretty. There’s also the fact that depending on what you’re willing to put into your Zumba, while benefiting from the many emotional benefits, you can burn some serious calories, gain flexibility and work muscles often ignored.  It’s also something you can do as a family, baby Andrew loved dancing with mommy yesterday ( Edit Andrew will be 2 in a few days and I KNOW we’ll love doing this together )


The Challenge: This challenge is simple…set your own Zumba goals and DANCE  ! Dance and share ! When I make a post asking how you did with your day, please add your Zumba accomplishments along with any / all other accomplishments you may like to share.

I’m opening this up for everyone because I know the importance of music, dancing, smiling, having fun, feeling pretty, being active and living healthy and I hope this is a challenge many will find a connection to as we also continue to rock our 5k / 10k training each month.

How to show participation: First, as a way to voice your commitment, you can ( if you wish ) sign this participation page  –> To show involvement, simply reply on the posts regarding Zumba when you see them. Share them so others can join in and dance with us. Add your #Healthie pictures in comments if you wish. PLEASE note, fb is not sharing all my post to all 21k of you so please remember to check in 🙂 Leaving comments on the challenge links I post where I ask how everyone is doing is the only way I know the challenges are of benefit.

Here are some links to start off with, please pm me any links you think we would all benefit from:

New Christmas links

Christmas –>

 Christmas –>

Christmas –>

Christmas Santa Baby –>


Christmas Run Run Rudolph –>

Christmas Santa Claus is coming to town –>

I found Linda Edler on YouTube and LOVE her videos, they are fun, high energy, you can keep up and be challenged at the same time and the music is great. Here is her Facebook page Zumba Linda Edler – Linda, if you see this and want to be involved in some way, please let me know.


Dance Fitness Class 8 – High Energy –>

New video from Linda Edler –>

Latin Dance Fitness Class 3- Linda Edler ( This is the one I did yesterday and loved it )

Latin Dance Fitness Class 4- Linda Edler

Dance Workout 5- Linda Edler





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