Sara Bown FREE Virtual 5k -> 10k hosted monthly
Sara Bown FREE Virtual 5k -> 10k hosted monthly

Sara Bown FREE Virtual 5k -> 10k hosted monthly



Happy 2022 !!

  So excited to have you visiting this page, this is a FREE event I’ve been hosting since 2011 and it’s open to one and all – walkers and runners !  I often have people touch base sharing they would love to join once they begin to run train,  please don’t let this stop you, walkers are welcome !  The goal to this free event has always been to get people moving while having some fun cheering each other on globally. Don’t let fear of what you think you can’t do hold you back from what you CAN do … rock what you can !!

Currently over 1000 registered participants monthly from all over the world !

Current master list of participants with their #’s –>

*** Next Upcoming event will be  — > 

—>  February 14th – 20th 

Fast breakdown of how this works with more in-depth details below,

* Reach out and let me know you want to participate ( send me a facebook pm or email ) ( Bown not Brown )

* You’re officially added once I respond giving you a  master list #

* Rock a 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k, 6k, 7k, 8k, 9k or 10k over the announced virtual dates each month running OR walking. Once given a number, it’s yours forever, participate months that you can.

*Share your picture wearing race bib on my facebook page wall if you feel comfortable doing so and ALWAYS add your master list # ( my facebook coaching page –>

*You can also share in my private facebook group that you need to request to join —>

OR send to me via email —> ( Bown not Brown )

* Have fun !!

What is a virtual 1k -> 10k : A virtual 1k -> 10k is something everyone can participate in from all over the world as a part of the Sara Bown community. Every month, I will come up with a date for our event and no matter your location, shape, size, or athletic level, you can get involved and participate in  this event.  You can run, walk, use the treadmill or use a video such as Leslie Sanson’s walk at home programs  her videos show the miles ! The idea is to get moving and start – many who started walking in 2012 are now running strong ! Our 5k/10k community is filled with many in the beginning stages to those who participate in marathons often.  Since starting this event and completing two 1/2 marathons, I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis which causes full body pain along with many symptoms. Moving forward I’ll be walking myself so when I say ALL WELCOME, I mean it. I personally have been using a fitbit for years to track my steps & miles 🙂

  When it comes to the bib, print out the one I create each month and take a sharpie or marker and add your master list # I give you in the center.  Participating and posting a picture wearing your race bib on event day OR making a collage from the day is a great way to truly feel involved, this IS a real event, be sure to celebrate your accomplishment .. wearing your bib, brings the event to life.

 LOOKING FOR SPONSORS  To learn how to be a sponsor or send a one time donation for prizes please send a facebook pm or email me at ( Bown not Brown ) As a sponsor, your logo is added to the bib for at least one month. 


My main facebook page where all this is run from –> if you have ANY questions at all, please do not hesitate in sending me a pm.

In light and love,
Sara Bown ( Bown not Brown )

** You will notice I have permanently added a #Team David to our bib.  David Addington, added a light into our world, he had challenges to face and when people were privileged enough to see him tackle these challenges, it inspired them. David loved being loved and giving love, I know this from observing his posts and achievements over the years via his facebook page, from the beautiful note he wrote and sent me that hangs in a frame on my wall and from the tears that flooded down his cheeks when I sent a video to him singing ( True colors ). Years ago now, I ran my 1st 5k and I could NOT believe I was doing it, only months before I had trouble walking a block. I started out strong but on the last half where I had to turn around, the hot burning sun came out, not only was I struggling, I felt eyes on me, people cheering from the sidewalk.  For a few moments, I felt spent and shortly after, I noticed a shadow that covered my shadow and in that moment, I thought of a new friend I had met via social media and I felt David running with me as I finished. I LOVED sharing with David that he completed it with me that day. David’s name has been permanently added on the bib to provide another way to allow David’s light to shine on ! He is loved by many not to mention the immense love of his family and it is my privilege to honor him and provide a way for his light to still reach others !
David Addington 1977 – 2016 


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