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There is something very beautiful in knowing that it is never too late to live the life we are meant to live, if we are blessed with this moment, we are equality blessed with opportunity – opportunity to recognize that our past does not need to dictate our present. Only fear and self sabotage can really hold us down. When we truly start to believe in the power of now allowing in rays of hope, ALL is possible !

** Do I have to live near you to be a coaching client ?

No, in fact, I’ve coached clients from all over the world, thanks to the power of the internet. Currently, all clients to date have loved having our sessions in the facebook pm section. It’s convenient, the conversation moves fast like real time and there is no video involved so you can be coaching in the comfort of ( well whatever you have going on that day ) hehe

** Are you a weight loss coach ?

NO !! While I do help people with this goal, my coaching is set up to help people make life dreams & intentions into reality with action plans !! This is not limited to losing weight and in fact what I love about my coaching is helping people reach a variety of life goals ! For some, finding a path to health is the top goal – for others, life organization is a goal from organization in the home to organization in life in general. I help people with career transition, building self confidence. We can work on a plan for you to experience life balance to reach for new goals, to even help you get out of the house and interact with others or to spend more quality time with your family! I even have recent clients who wanted to work on being more committed to their faith.

Many times, people have many goals that are all intertwined, together we make a clear vision to start where needed. For example, you may have a goal to get fit and healthy with current life organization holding you back so we start where needed based on you and your needs so results can be life long and not simply a temporary fix !

** Do I need to have a session every week ?

YES !! At times I know that illness or life events can come up and can’t be helped ( in this situation, I give 24 hrs to cancel a session and the missed week will be added to the end of your coaching so you don’t lose that session ) otherwise, I have everything set up the way I do for your  maximum success. The breakdown is (1) 60 min session a week with an open door policy to touch base daily, yup, that’s right…my clients can touch base daily if they wish ! Also please remember that I have worked with enough people to know that just before a breakthrough, things can sometimes get ( deep ) people at times, afraid of that place will want to cancel moments before session, I do my best to keep you coming, working at your own pace knowing it’s the ( together time ) that will help bring you to the other side.

** Will coaching work if I’m not sure I want to make changes ?

Maybe….perhaps along the way of coaching you’ll realize you do want to make changes, perhaps you’ll realize you don’t. This is always why I ask people to apply IF you feel ready to at least start the work. I am not so arrogant to think that ( I ) can change you, as a coach my focus isn’t to fix you, it’s to help you create the life path you want. Hand in hand, choice by choice, we work as a team and part of team work means ( two ) people committed to the process !

** Does your coaching cost money ?

Yes, this coaching I’m offering does. I have been holding free events since 2011, I do use my coaching to provide free coaching tips and anything else I can possibly provide for free daily now for years. This coaching is different because I am making a commitment to you daily for months, this is also the coaching I became certified and accredited for. I spend countless hours reading a learning more, fine tuning my skills and I do this all continuing my own journey. If worried once you pay I’ll disappear, PLEASE check out my facebook page, you’ll see I have been posting daily since 2011,  I’m not going anywhere and my wall is also open for people to post anything they wish, I’ve never had any negative comments left, in this case, please let the footprint I’ve left online for years help guide you. There are no refunds on monies paid, this is for my own protection. Just a like a person can purchase a wonderful gym membership and not use, a person can sign up for coaching and do the same. I will spend all the time needed answering ANY questions or concerns while you decide if my coaching is for you at no consultation charge. For pricing, please send an email.

** Are you a coach because you’re perfect and have your entire life together ? ( Ok, no one has asked this but I want to put this out there )

NO !!!!! You and I aren’t that different, we are both walking life’s path and doing the best we can. I continue on my own health journey strong and have been for years. I know what it feels like to want to make changes, to feel hopeless and my passion for coaching comes from knowing that we as people CAN live our best most blessed life if we are willing to start the wheels of change. Along with my passion, I have schooling and the experience of working with 100’s of people over the last 8 years.


What are some benefits of coaching ?

** Identify top life goals

** Create a vision, we start this with a session called ” making the emotional connection and we continue each week by setting at least 3 goals weekly.

** Replace stress with peace

** Slow down, get rid of life’s static so you can truly be in the moment

** Find freedom from needing the approval of others

** Begin to live each day with gratitude & intention – let go of guilt

** Experience ongoing, caring, support in reaching your goals from someone who gets it and continues her own life journey.

** Experience excitement and pride as insights are gained each week providing hope and motivation.

** Build self-esteem through the success of your weekly goals.

** Improvement of life balance by working on management of stress, finding solutions to road blocks.

** Establishment of a new relationship with self, resulting in self acceptance and love – reaching goals, whatever they may be.

Time, dedication, determination and mutual engagement as a team =’s RESULTS! Again, I do this ALL on the foundation of God’s grace and as someone doing my best to live the authentic life I’m meant to live, helping any way I can, my ultimate goal is to use the voice God has given me, I want to be of service !



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In light and love,
Sara Bown

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