Virtual Half Marathon | October 2016 event | Sara Bown & Friends
Virtual Half Marathon | October 2016 event | Sara Bown & Friends

Virtual Half Marathon | October 2016 event | Sara Bown & Friends

October 2016 event | Sara Bown & friends Virtual Half Marathon

Countdown to Half Marathon Day 2016

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Who am I: Blessed Wife & Mom | Youth Leader | Speaker | Certified LIFE coach | I believe what we shine into the world matters – My mission is to shine hope wrapped in an action plan to ROCK life!

Here is the link to my facebook community –>
( Please note – I  also host a FREE virtual 5k / 10k each month since 2012 – Info here –>  )

THIS WILL BE THE SAME WEEKEND FOR VIRTUAL 5K / 10K so even if you don’t do a half, we are still all in this event together, no matter the distance.

The official day will be Saturday October 15th 2016 where I want the majority of us to participate, HOWEVER I don’t want to leave anyone out, willing to train so if you can only get this in the day before OR after between the 14th – 16th  or maybe you’re schedule to run a 1/2 the weekend before where you still want to celebrate and train with us as a whole, just let me know in your email to me ! IF you are registered to run a 1/2 on the same date ( non virtual ) Yes, you can still be part of this event, I may go to an event myself..just remember to print your bib, bring with you and get a pic wearing at event when finished.

If you see this and want to join, please send me an email with subject line VirtualHalf2016 and in your e-mail please add your full name ( the name I can use to add you to the master list ) along with your location. In short, to sign up today, all you need is a willing heart mixed with some self belief and dedication to train and remember you can run, walk or mixed the two like I do with the Galloway method ( no time limit ) My email

A little background, why I host these events:

In 2012, after starting my wellness journey in late 2010, I decided I would train and run a half marathon come October 2012 – Considering I was in the 300 lbs range at my highest just months before and would get winded after a few blocks pre journey,  this was a HUGE goal and to be honest, it was the feeling of it being impossible that made me the most excited ! Shortly after deciding to do this, I wondered if there was a way I could open up participation for the many amazing page friends who followed along on my fb page

After thinking this over, things I took into consideration were the costs of running / walking events and how many would like to try an event but maybe felt / feel timid in the regular atmosphere of an event. I remember how nervous I was to sign up for my first 5k event, just the idea of people seeing me run was terrifying. I decided I wanted to provide an option, an option where people could join an event, feel excited, feel pride, train and enjoy all the same benefits of a physical event because it would still be a real in every sense of the word.  At the time, I had never heard of virtual runs or walks and simply came to this thinking because my page is a virtual page and it seemed like the natural option. I decided I wanted to create an event that was real in every aspect while at the same time, hosting it 100% for free where people could depend on this monthly, knowing that no matter what, this was an event they could look forward to no matter the financial situation in their household that month which also meant entire families could join in together without any worry of finances. I also wanted to create a safe zone where people who may not have tried before would feel safe in this set up and TRY to complete a 5k. My intentions at the time and today are to help people with #SelfLove#SelfRespect & #SelfBelief adding in the importance of #dedication and #determination and although I had no idea how this event would be received, I started it and from there and something AMAZING happened ! Come January 2012, there were over 100 official registered participants from ALL over the world, who were out running / walking wearing the race bib I created and I cannot even begin to describe how touching and honored I felt and continue to feel ….to go from someone who felt lost in her bad health choices to someone who had people wearing her virtual bibs around the world. This was and is humbling, touching, energizing and a  BLESSING. This event has continued strong each and every month since 2012 and has  opened up to a 10k as well. What an absolute honor it is to host such a wonderful event now over (( 1000 )) strong with signed up participants from all sides of the globe.

Here are some training programs you make like to follow,

Jeff Galloway – Conditioning program – This is for anyone NOT training now, just starting. If you scroll down this page, you’ll see the link to click on which will open a document for you –>

Jeff Galloway 13.1 mile training –> this shows 19 weeks here but other programs show 12 weeks so I do feel we can adjust this as needed for our 15 weeks. Remember we can walk this as well, so just start training and do your best

My second half marathon October 16th 2015 ( this was also my 1st annual virtual half marathon I hosted )

What do you think ?

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