Another part of me behind the scene | Sara Bown Wellness Coaching
Another part of me behind the scene | Sara Bown Wellness Coaching

Another part of me behind the scene | Sara Bown Wellness Coaching

Sara Bown –  Wellness Coaching | Another part of me behind the scene

Feb 1st 2012,

I truly believe we don’t tell people who we love and or appreciate enough, this is something I really try to do and I know it’s important. In saying this,  I have another part of me behind the scene who I want to give a shout out to todayA shout out to my husband,About 13 years ago I met a wonderful friend, this friend was like non I have ever had before, we would meet up and practice songs together for church, him playing guitar, me singing. We would talk into the wee hours, and I mean talk and hours lol This friend gave me a soft place to fall, someone I could trust, someone I admired and someone who made me feel like I was the only person in a room and this person asked me to marry them only a few short months later .. Started dating in December and were married in June of 1999.Since two years before that and up until this year, I had struggled with my weight and I’m still on my journey, always will be. But in saying this, my husband has stood along side me for 13 years always supportive, always loving and understanding and never once in all of these years has he ever made mention of me being overweight. He has been supportive when I needed it and would act like every time I tried to start a journey was the 1st. When I started my life long journey Nov 2010 I remember going to him and saying in a small voice ” This is the day ” expecting maybe no comment at all or a ” oh…. really ” but he said what he always says when supporting me ” I know you can do it ” and as always within minutes he is on board with changes that came like looking after the boys a little longer, taking over homeschool for our 9 year old last year ( they are in school this year ) but doing that so I would have more time to exercise. He didn’t need to do these things, but he did them and supports me because he loves me and I thank God for that most precious gift. He knew that off of facebook I knew nobody on a similar journey, he knew it would take a lot of work and dedication on my part and he took the role of looking after extra things so I could start and do what I needed to do.I often write on how I felt for the years I was fighting obesity, and I don’t want to paint a complete wrong picture…I have wonderful memories, I had a wonderful life with wonderful family who supported me and loved me, I had my little boys come into my life and they are a whole other shout out, but my boys inspire me, they motivate me and they make me so proud as a mother. But in times where I felt like I could barely face the outside world because of how I looked and how that made me feel, my husband was the one at home telling me I was awesome and beautiful, telling me how proud he was and holding my hand. If he could have lost the weight for me, I know he would have time and time again, he seemed to understand but has never been obese. Being real and realistic, there is always days that can be a challenge in relationships, and I have found that most times that has more to do with junk going on in your own head, it’s not about being perfect but finding perfection in each others imperfections. We are both lucky that we don’t really ” do ” mad lol

 It’s hard to explain how you can have an awesome life but at the same time have such inner struggles with yourself daily and how that can bring you down. Today I wanted to take just a few minutes of my day to thank my husband for being such a wonderful friend – over the last 13 years in all the times I needed one most, for supporting me and never making me feel like the way I felt inside. Obviously your so much more to me, you keep my heart, but true friends are rare so I hold that close to me heart the most.I love you xo                            427368_240050842742521_849666170_n

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