Sara Bown – Use it 2 lose it | Group Question – What would you do ?
Sara Bown – Use it 2 lose it | Group Question – What would you do ?

Sara Bown – Use it 2 lose it | Group Question – What would you do ?

Sara Bown – Wellness Coaching | what would you do

February 8, 2012
I was thinking about what motivates us as people – Think about something you love to do or that you have been wanting to do forever. Do you have that ” one thing ” in your mind yet ? It can be anything from dropping a few pounds, learning how to skate, taking up writing again, volunteering in your community, going to church, taking a cooking class…you get the idea, something you would love to do, but have been putting off.

NOW, think of the reason why you haven’t done this…Maybe it’s because your afraid to take the leap, hard to work into current schedule, don’t have the extra $, what if people think it’s silly, it takes away time from home time…. Have your reason why not ?

NOW – Let’s say I came up to you and said..I want you to think of something you have always wanted to do, I want you to do it and come show me that you have and once I see proof, I will give you $10,000 – Does this change the ” why, you can’t ” that you thought of above.. I think many of us would start to think of ways we could make it happen…start moving our schedule around, maybe make some budget adjustments so we could afford it… It’s funny isn’t it, how we are motivation driven…we see the $10, 000 as something waiting for us at completion and it seems so worth while but many times we can’t see the prize of doing something we have always wanted to do without that extra little motivation…it’s harder to see the rewards of being down 50 lbs in a year or how we will feel once we know how to cook or the deep sense of satisfaction we will get from volunteering before hand.

I think we should treat all our goals and dreams the same way, before we come up with 100 reasons ” why not ” pretend there is $10,000 on the other end waiting, because there is something waiting that is worth MORE than any amount of money and that is personal growth, personal pride, and the possibly of beginning of a new life..

What do you think ? What would you do …




  1. It’s because the $10,000 gives people leverage. If you have a ‘sweetener’ like that, that brings all kinds of ‘motivation’. It’s a shame though that people don’t see the value in ‘adding years to your life, curing yourself of sicknesses, being a better person etc’ for when they change their mindset and lives until they get a huge wake up call like a heart attack – but will do it for monetary purposes. I get that the financial side makes a huge difference to some people and their lives, but those who are not driven by that, and want to just change their lives for the better, sometimes, you have to tell yourself – keep living the way I’m living or change.

    1. Sara Bown

      Yes, the thing is to realize that there IS in fact a reward waiting ahead for anyone who makes any positive life challenges and there are many things that money can’t buy 🙂

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