Sara, what’s a hashtag and other FAQ ?!?! HELP….
Sara, what’s a hashtag and other FAQ ?!?! HELP….

Sara, what’s a hashtag and other FAQ ?!?! HELP….



 Ok, I know social media can be a lot to understand so let me start by saying that if you need help, just ask, honestly, just send an email and ask and if I can help, I will ! My email is –> ( Bown not Brown )

Who am I, hosting: My name is Sara Bown, I’m a blessed wife of ( almost 21 years ) to my best friend David. I’m a mother to three amazing boys who are 18, 14, & 6 and baby girl who’s soon to be 1. I’m a motivational speaker, published writer & certified LIFE coach. I started my main facebook page –> Sara Bown <– in 2011 and have been posting just about daily since.

My mission: To help others live their BEST most BLESSED life by rocking #SelfLove#SelfRespect#SelfBelief all on the foundation of #GodsGrace What we shine into the world matters !


Here are the most recent links to challenges and pages that are all live and active in 2020 !

Please note, this is a breakdown for those who need a little extra help understanding social media and all the events and how it all works, if you already know, you’ll want to have a nap just about now.. Zzzzzzzzz

 My Web Page: My web page where you’re reading this blog from right now is  ANY  time I host a big event from my social media pages, I add here on my web page so it can easily be found and shared. If you ever want to find info on something you can always go to and in the top right corner use the search example would be it’s 5k day and you need to print the bib and you can’t find the post on facebook. If you search 5k from my website, it will bring up the event info page.

My main facebook page: My introduction to social media began in 2011 when I created my facebook page —> Sara Bown <— my longtime page friends will remember that it started as  (Sara – Use it 2 lose it) I host everything from there so if EVER in question post there! To find it fast, you can type in Sara Bown in your facebook search bar like you would search a friend ( remember it’s Bown and not Brown and Sara E Bown is my private page for family, you’re looking for Sara Bown ) Also remember that facebook is asking page owners to pay for ads so there may be 22 thousand page friends but when I post, often facebook only shares with 20+ people. Page friends often think they see nothing because I’m not posting but I post just about daily, so it’s really important to check in and to also turn notifications on for my page ( if you need help with that, just ask me )

My FREE 5k / 10 k event info is here  –> <–

My free #PowerInTogether Wellnesss challenge is here  –> Here is the link, just click <—

THE #PowerInTogether movement  !! —> Read Here <— This movement will continue as long as I’m alive and maybe someone will even carry it on after <3

I want to rock a free challenges you host …HOW do I do that ?!?


To break it down: If you want to share that you’re participating in the Free virtual 5k / 10k * Free wellness challenge OR #PowerInTogether movement... The way to participate is to take photos or videos, make collages…. If you’re more private, you don’t need to show yourself, you can take pictures of things or scenery. Ok, so now you have videos or pictures on your phone or computer that you want to share so you can participate but where do you post ? You’ll always be posting to my public facebook page Sara Bown ( this is our main hub as a community )   Always share as much info with your post as you wish, maybe you had a high struggle day but pushed forward, maybe you didn’t and just need to share you’re having a hard time, maybe you rocked a 5k, whatever it is you did, share it and always use the hashtag #PowerInTogether  ..What is   ? It starts with a pound sign # and continues with a word or phrase with no spaces like our hashtag #PowerInTogether using the hashtag creates a searchable link so when we click on it, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we get to see everyone else who is posting with this and thus, we get to see each other. So if you have a facebook, Twitter or Instagram page and you want to show how you’re rocking challenges, just make sure you add #powerintogether when describing the picture or video and when anyone searches or clicks on this hashtag, they will see what you posted. Go try it, go to the search bar on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter now  and type in you see me and the posts being shared ? So all you need to do to become part of this is use the hashtag yourself ! One exception: On facebook a lot of people have settings set on  friends only ( this makes sense ) this is why to post on the main page itself  –> 

Why do I want to host my challenges and have you add your participation collages on my public favebook page ? It’s simple, it’s ALL about the power we have (( together ))  when we post our accomplishments and struggles we can make a positive impact, we each have a story that speaks life into others !

If you’re knew to all this, it may seem confusing but once you do it a few times you’ll understand and again, we can’t be the change in the world by being silent, to make this movement work we need to share share share so I invite and ask anyone having trouble to send me an email and let me know how I can help..I don’t care if 20 thousand people send an email because that means 20 thousand people want to help make this world a better place. It would be my privilege to help you because I so WANT TO SEE YOU PARTICIPATE !

NOW..get out there, record kindness, rock your BEST most BLESSED LIFE  and SHARE !!




In light & Love,
Sara Bown

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