How does my online coaching work ?



100 % of my coaching is online which allows me to coach anyone, anywhere in the world providing they have an internet connection !

Currently, all clients to date have loved having our sessions in the facebook pm section. It’s convenient, the conversation moves fast like real time and there is no video involved so you can be coaching in the comfort of ( well whatever you have going on that day ) hehe


I will provide support, motivation and accountability in the following ways:

** (1) 30 – 60 minute coaching session per week online. The duration of the session will depend completely on what you, the client needs each week in the form of support.

** Unlimited access to me via e-mail or facebook pm ( I check my e-mail / pm’s  at least once daily. Clients are welcome to reach out any time needed. It’s important that clients know they are not alone and that I care 7 days a week and not simply once a week.

** Individual advice and guidance. As a team, we get very detailed and create an individualized plan for you. I do have a coaching flow that I follow, however, this is not one size fits all and no two clients have the same coaching. It is based on you as a person and the individual needs you have.

** Each session will conclude with time offered to ask any questions you may have or to just share anything on your mind.

** Each session as a team, we set at least 2- 3 goals and set an action plan in place to make sure you are set up for success to make them happen. The goals are set and centered around the type of coaching you move forward with and the goals you want to reach.



Other things we cover as a coaching team:

** Identify top life goals

** Define what wellness from the inside out means to you

** Create a vision – we start this with the session called ” making the emotional connection ” and we continue each week by setting at least 2-3 goals weekly.

** Ongoing, caring support in reaching your goals from someone who get’s it and continues her own life & wellness journey.

** Experience, excitement and pride as insights are gained each week providing hope and motivation to continue strong.

** Build self-esteem through the success of your weekly goal accomplishments.

** Improvement of life balance by working on management of stress, finding solutions to road blocks.

** Establishing a new relationship with self , resulting in self acceptance and love – reaching life goals, whatever they may be.

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In light and love,
Sara Bown ( Bown not Brown )

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