How does self belief and alien invasion come together in a blog ?


SELF belief is so important, we need it when we want to be successful. But how do we get it when we just don’t have any ?! Is anyone out there struggling with self belief who can relate ?

First, challenge your thinking, just because you think something, doesn’t make it true. Have you ever heard of the War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast, broadcasted in 1938 ? If not, here is the link –


In short, the radio at the time was the go to for all information –  can you imagine no facebook GASP…on this day in 1938,  this radio news alert narrated by Orsen Welles talked of an alien invasion and people believed this ( story )  to be real, some people went outside screaming, others packed their family and cars and tried to escape –  This broadcast was fake, but in the moment, that didn’t matter because listeners believed it to be true and thus, for them, it was. In the same way, if we believe we can’t achieve something, we wont, and if we believe we can, we will !
We must challenge our thinking and be aware  – we need to realize that at first glance, we may not believe we can do something,  however, we must also ask WHY we feel that way, what thoughts and emotions have we allowed in over the years ?!  It’s easy enough to repeat over and over again all the reasons of why we can’t, but all we need is ONE reason of why we can….That ONE “can” is called HOPE and it’s all we need !!!


~ Sara Bown





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