How I make | Delicious Kale chips
How I make | Delicious Kale chips

How I make | Delicious Kale chips


The photo below is from July 23rd/16 for something new, I added dried cranberries & pumpkin seeds !


Kale chips are a favorite in our home, my boys who are 14 and 10 & 2 just love them !!

The process of making perfect Kale chips, begins in the store unless you are growing your own

** Look for a nice dark green color and they should still be able to stand up on their own if you hold them up like cotton candy…if they fall over limp, look for another bunch…also, look for a bunch that has a lot curly leaf because that is the part that gets crispy in the oven

** Preheat over to 350 degrees

** Bring them home and wash / dry…I just rinse them under the tap and shake them dry unless I pick them from garden in which can I don’t bother to clean.

** In our home I only cut off the very end…my boys like to hold them like cotton candy to eat…some people like to cut off just the leaf and bake, the choice is yours.

** Place them on a cookie sheet and don’t be afraid to load it up because it will shrink a lot in the oven…

** Once placed on the cookie sheet, you can drizzle olive oil on the top, I have also used spray becel and spices. Our favorite is a little sea salt

** Place in over and realize all ovens are different so keep an eye, if they are taken out too soon they taste awful and too late, they burn. For us, I bake for 5 minutes check on them and leave in for another 3’ish — NOTICE, in second picture over, that color green is ( almost too light green ) look for color in first pic to the left.

~ Enjoy !!


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