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Sara Bown | Wellness Coaching | How to live BIG even if you’re feeling small !!

A GREAT way to start the wheels of living big, is to DREAM BIG !! Sometimes, it can be so easy to get lost in the day to day things like working outside the home, working inside the home, fixating on the negatives, the many life stresses that may come our way on this crazy ride we call life. When we spend too much time stuck in that vacuum sort of thinking, we really lose focus on the bigger picture and this is something that impacts the happiness quality of our life greatly. In order to dream big, we need to really take the time to figure out what our dreams and goals are.  What do we want from life and what do we want to give life – what footprint do we want to leave behind ? It matters to think about these things because non of us know how long we have, the only promised moment is the one we are currently living so if we have a dream to reach or a footprint we want to leave, we need to always be working towards that, so when the day comes when we say goodbye, we can do so with pride and satisfaction in the way we lived.

d4e67df35787cf89baa70cce67efe20f  Another important step is GRATITUDE !! Like mentioned above, it can be so easy to get stuck in the day to day and focus on the negative, a great way to turn a negative into a positive is to take a step back, practice some deep breathing and to really focus on the positive. This doesn’t mean we wont face challenges and hard times in life and that we should not be allowed to feel… we all need and have the right to feel. What practicing gratitude does, is it allows us to see, feel, enjoy all the many blessings we do have. Even in dark, challenging times, we have a light that shines bright with our many blessings. This truth can’t always take the pain and fear away entirely but it will provide great peace and comfort. GRATITUDE is something we feel inside and something that everyone sees on the outside as true beauty !


  SHOW UP in your own life… We need to really show up and be, live, feel, absorb, every moment. When we drift along life’s path, always just getting by, we risk looking up and realizing that years have gone by that we can never get back.  Again, NOW is the only promised moment we have, so SHOW UP in your life, control your life and give yourself the power that is inherently yours and master your inner compass to always find and stay in you center, able to keep balance, light and love !

Start to set these 3 things in motion and YOU will also start to live BIG even if you feel small.

In Gratitude,
Sara Bown Certified LIFE Wellness Coach


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