“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”  -Art Williams | Sara Bown
“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” -Art Williams | Sara Bown

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” -Art Williams | Sara Bown

Hi, my name is Sara, I’m 36, a wife, mommy to 3 amazing boys ( 12, 8 & 9 months ), life coach and this is me before I believed in the power of my own abilities….

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It’s a sad truth, but a truth all the same. I had spent years telling myself what I couldn’t do and rarely spent ANY time building myself up telling myself what I could do. In 2010 early on, I believe I was over 300 lbs, I say believe because I did not get on the scale but pictures can be very telling. By Nov 2010 I did get on the scale and saw 284 / 286 lbs and I felt sick. HOW could it be, HOW could I weight that much, HOW could I let this happen, I was shocked, embarrassed and afraid ! I remember getting in the shower and crying to God a real prayer ” PLEASE God let me wake up tomorrow 20 lbs lighter ” I begged and sobbed that answer to this prayer, would give me hope that I desperately needed. A short time later I was hit with something like a ton of bricks, God wasn’t going to let me wake up 20 lbs lighter, it wasn’t realistic and it wasn’t going to happen BUT I was blessed with ALL the tools I needed and I COULD change my life if I just would decide to put my knowledge into action. That is EXACTLY what I decided to do and right away I decided to change my LIFE. I decided in that moment to NEVER again be on a gimmick diet, to NEVER be a slave to a ” plan ” and to do the work ( I ) needed to do to work and change me. This started with emotional work, I spent a lot of time working on my ” why ” why was I where I was and ” how ” how, would I change things forever. I was an emotional eater and I will always call myself a recovering emotional eater. I needed to get HONEST with myself and do inside work which by the way is just as hard and really many times harder than any work on the outside. The emotional work and it’s deep rooted importance is why I decided to become a certified life coach !
In any regard, by Jan 2011 I had set a great foundation in emotional work and decided to really start with changing my eating and my exercise.
This is when I started with the exercise and started to believe in myself, I had already lost lbs and inches by this time by making small changes but I decided to really kick it up once I felt strong with some inside work done.

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I’ll make another post on my nutrition but this is about sharing what exercise is to me ?! I get asked a lot what I do to workout, how did I lose the 80 lbs pre baby and now close to pre baby weight ?! ( by the way it’s the pre baby strength & tone I’m working at since I had to take my pregnancy off my high intensity workouts being put on low activity.
Here is a picture of me when I started to work out, when I dropped the 80 lbs pre baby and a couple of weeks ago almost at pre baby weight out talking with school students, implementing a running program ( me – me out sharing my story with students..crazy, crazy awesome )
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 My answer when people ask ( what should I do to workout  ) is, find what works for YOU and do it, that’s what I do ! I can’t follow programs, I know that about myself – ok, let’s be real ( I can ) we CAN do anything but it doesn’t inspire me or motivate me to keep going,  to say ok, I 100 % commit to do this exercise every day doesn’t work for me, however, I have committed to living my most healthy life every day ( my ) most healthy life ! It’s important to get to know yourself, what works, what doesn’t and don’t feel bad that your not doing what so & so is doing up the street seeing these fast / amazing results. I’m telling you, to be truly healthy from the inside out ( inside ) being key – slow and steady wins the race and if you happen to see amazing results from doing it the right way Awesome, if not, stay strong ! No one EVER regrets living healthier !!
The picture below is me after I accomplished a 1/2 marathon in October 2012 with my husband. I wasn’t the fastest, matter of fact, I was most likely amongst the slowest but I DID IT and only months before, a 5k was a HUGE life event that I could not believe I accomplished. I started my journey barely able to walk a block. So again, march to your own drum and don’t let feelings of inadequacy hold you back. That medal around my neck is mine, I earned it ! By 2013, I had also been featured in two magazines. One was Irun where I received an IRUN award for motivating others to be active and another was Experience Life Magazine. I can’t fully tell you how crazy this is, I NEVER thought in a MILLION years I could change my life. I started in a 3x sometimes 4x if purchased at Walmart and now shopping in regular stores wearing a L / xl – The me who spent years and years saying ” you can’t – you can’t – you can’t ” NEVER believed this possible. But yet, here I am…it IS possible for ANY of us ! This is something I KNOW and that I am VERY passionate about !

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Ok, so back to what I do …. First, I live in the country, no trainers, no gyms I can get to so I work what I have as we ALL can do. I have a tool box of exercise videos I like such as walk away the pounds, T25, workouts on YouTube, you get the idea. I walk  / speed walk and I’m currently re training for my second half marathon outside and started in my basement over winter. I love to bike but not so much with baby yet and I have a York weight bench that hasn’t seen enough of me but added in resistance / yoga bands because my arms need help since pregnancy !! AND I include any activity that is not the every day normal as my exercise. For example, I don’t push mow the grass every day so if I do that once or twice a week for 2 hours, yes that’s a workout ! I clean my house daily so that doesn’t count but deep cleaning days over 3 hours where I’m dripping, yes that counts. Yard work lifting and lugging, yes that counts. For me, it’s about activity living. Again, I am not on a gimmick ” diet ” or ” program ” I’m living my own best life and every day I get closer to my ultimate goals while also loving every single second of the ride.  I’m not going to skip the yard work that needs to be done because it’s not a ” real ” workout to go do a video.  I set my own standards to what’s real for me and dropping the 80 lbs with nothing drastic or gimmick, working on the inner emotions to my outside actions was and is VERY real !!
As a family we bike, hike, swim, walk, play, run – our kids want to be active and engage with us !! As a working mom to 3 I know the hard and I get it and this is why I so believe in making things work for us not squeezing our life and personality into a box where it doesn’t fit !
Also, don’t be afraid or ashamed to have your own goal that is not someone else s goal. MY goal is to live ” my ” best life and to help others do the same in all areas of life. My fitness goal is to live my most active, fit, happy, healthy life, giving that gift to my family and all I can help as well and being a fit women in the 180’s lbs range ( real focus on being fit ) Currently, I am over 200 lbs as I was when I lost the weight initially but soon, I will be in the 190’s for the first time as an adult and that is amazing for me. Am I ashamed of where I am now ? NO…I started at 300 lbs I mean my life is completely, 100%  different, everything has changed. I no longer hide from the world or feel constant guilt or stress over what I should be doing in life. I give my all each day and my best is good enough for me and your best should be good enough for you !! I am BEYOND grateful that two magazines felt inspired to share my story being a women on a life journey still on a journey into the 100’s AND I work helping people each day of my life from all over the world on my page and as a certified LIFE coach with clients, where I help others reach their own goals ! These are all dreams come true that came from changing my life and doing what I felt for many years was the impossible. I am here to tell you, IT’S NOT !

A little advice from experience, don’t mistake best ” intentions ” over your best work…to change your life, it takes W.O.R.K !!!! But man, is it worth it and the little things they turn out being BIG things….take the stairs, dance in the kitchen when washing the dishes, grab your children and dance with them, play a game of soccer, walk the dog, plant some flowers……the list of ways to add in activity are endless along with the many ways to create lasting, loving family memories !

Below is a collage of some of the work and transformation. The face side by side was pre journey and a couple of weeks ago 🙂

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Again there are other important KEY things to living a well balanced life but wanted to touch for the most part on movement today.

With love, Sara <3


What do you think ?

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