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There’s something very beautiful in knowing that it’s never too late to live the life we’re meant to live, if we are blessed with this moment, we are equality blessed with opportunity – opportunity to recognize that our past does not need to dictate our present. Only fear and self sabotage can really hold us down. When we truly start to believe in the power of now, we allow in rays of hope & with HOPE,  ALL is possible !

** Do I have to live near you to be a coaching client ?

No, in fact every client I work with is done online, this allows me to coach clients from all over the world, thanks to the power of the internet. Currently, all clients to date have loved having our sessions in the facebook private message section. It’s convenient, the conversation moves fast like real time and there is no video involved so you can be coaching in the comfort of whatever it is you have going on. 

** Really, your coaching is done 100 % online, does this really work ?
You know, I asked myself the same question when I started coaching in 2012. When I finally realized coaching was what I had always been meant to do, I had this idea in my head of how I personally could best serve others as a coach and I knew offering my coaching online felt right. At the time all these years ago, I had never heard of a coach offering one on one coaching sessions solely in a typing only format like in facebook private message. There was face time and over the phone along with in person but no online offered in this way that I could find, in fact, when I brought it up to my teachers in coaching school they had never heard of it either and felt I should go the regular way for optimal success. Ultimately, I decided to follow my heart and I created my own coaching method and business from the ground up as there were no examples of this being done for me to base my model off of. I look back now and think wow, you did that. I had faith and faith proved to be enough. Why was I so drawn to this way of coaching from the very start ? The answer goes deep for me because I know when I was feeling my lowest, in self love, respect and belief with social anxiety the chance of me going to see a coach in person was NOT something I would do, I didn’t do it. What would have helped me the most was a place where my voice, challenges, thoughts and feelings could be heard and shared without me physically having to show up, a place where I could just feel 100 % at ease and heard in my own comfort zone to share. If you’re my ideal client, you get and understand what I’m saying. This got me thinking, how many others are there like me, who need this type of space to truly share and I wanted to make this option possible so I did and I’ll never regret it.
There is actually great power in silence, in the sessions I provide, the only sound is the sound from the keyboard which leaves more room to hear yourself think. It allows you space to reflect and really go deep down to the core of the matter without feeling rushed. Just think, if I asked you a BIG life question in person, would you feel comfortable taking the at least 30 – 60 seconds + needed to reflect or are you more apt to just rush to an answer that you feel is the right answer because someone is sitting there waiting for a reply. Get out a timer and be silent for 30 – 60 seconds, for many, this is not a comfortable thing in person or over the phone. I realize in person, over the phone and face time coaching has helped MANY people and does work so I shout out and applaud all the awesome coaches out there. What I’m saying is, some people, like me needed another option and I 101 % believe in it’s effectiveness and have personally witnessed my clients benefit time and time again.

** Are you a weight loss coach ?

While I do help people with this goal and I myself will always be on my own wellness journey, the answer is no, not specifically. Ultimately my mission and what keeps me fired up daily is to help people love the skin they’re in, knowing they have great value just as they are. I aim to help people find peace & contentment in the now while also reaching to make the goals & dreams of their heart a reality while practicing joy & gratitude. These are things I have been working on in my own life since 2011 and it’s helped me completely change my life around in a way that’s not simply superficial but in a way that allows me to find deep joy with the pain, happiness in the struggle & contentment in the storms. I have found that it’s this foundation along with God’s grace that gives me the strength & courage to reach all other life goals.

I coach because I care, I may not know you personally but I promise you as sure as day turns into night, I care deeply & I feel so passionately because I KNOW with all that I am that you can reach the goals of your heart. It matters in a way that I can’t put into words that you know how much you matter !!!! I know how awful it feels to have low self love, respect & belief I truly get how these feelings hold us back and keep us from living our best most blessed life. I LOVE being an encourager & cheerleader because I get SO excited witnessing people walk into their truth and worth !! This is deeply fulfilling work for me & what I feel called to do. If I can make enough money to provide for my family, it’s a blessing but this work for me is HEART work and goes much deeper than a paycheck.

Whether it be a free challenge I’m hosting, something I posted on social media or a paying client I’m coaching, my mission and dedication to help make a difference is always the very same. I have never & will NEVER make a promise that my coaching will work for everyone. Coaching is much like a gym membership in the sense that you can buy a membership at the best gym in town but to see results, ((you)) must go and put in the work. I can guarantee 1000% that I will show up for you and as your coach help you make your own decisions. Coaches aren’t meant to tell people how to live their life, my job and my goal, is to help you rock your own life !! So although I can’t fly in with a cape to save the day, I DO help you save your own day any way I can with tangible & realistic action plans !

So what do I actually help with ?!? I pretty much have worked with people from all over the world on a variety of life goals so you name it but the foundation of my work is above.

** Can you help me overcome challenges from past trauma ? This is very fragile ground that I take extremely seriously. First, my coaching is not meant to be a substitution for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment. I am a certified LIFE / WELLNESS coach and I am not in any way qualified to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. In saying this, many clients have signed up for coaching after having worked with such professionals in past or present and find my methods, care and understanding very helpful in finding a way to move forward. The work of a life coach in my view and by definition, is to truly listen and ask thought provoking questions that help their clients work out and voice current life blocks where together, they come up with a solution in how to move forward. Coaching isn’t meant to spend time in the past, it’s all about forward movement ! A client may dive into what’s been holding them back and as a team, they may spend some time dissecting this but only as a means to better understand the path forward. Coaches help their clients find their own solutions. 

** Do I need to have a session every week ?

YES !! At times I know that illness or life events can come up and can’t be helped ( in this situation, I give 24 hrs to cancel a session and the missed week will be added to the end of your coaching sessions so you don’t lose that session ) otherwise, I have everything set up the way I do for your  maximum success. The breakdown is (1) 60 min session a week with an open door policy to touch base Monday – Friday yup, that’s right…my clients can touch base 5 days a week if they wish ! Also please remember that I have worked with enough people to know that just before a breakthrough, things can sometimes get ( deep ) people at times afraid of what that place will require of them or feel like, cancel moments before session, I do my best to keep you coming, working at your own pace knowing it’s the ( together time ) that will help bring you to the other side.

** Will coaching work if I’m not sure I want to make changes ?

Maybe….perhaps along the way of coaching you’ll realize you do want to make changes, perhaps you’ll realize you don’t. This is always why I ask people to apply IF you feel ready to at least start the work. I’m not so arrogant to think that ( I ) can change you, as a coach my focus isn’t to fix you, it’s to help you create the life path you want. Hand in hand, choice by choice, we work as a team and part of team work means ( two ) people committed to the process !

** Does your coaching cost money ?

Yes, this coaching I’m offering does. I have been holding free events since 2011 almost monthly and I use my coaching to provide free coaching tips and anything else I can possibly provide for free, daily since 2011 on my facebook page. This coaching is different because I am making a commitment to you daily for months, this is also the coaching I became certified and accredited for. I spend countless hours reading a learning more, fine tuning my skills and I do this all continuing on my own journey. If worried once you pay I’ll disappear, PLEASE check out my facebook page, you’ll see I have been posting daily since 2011,  I’m not going anywhere and my wall is also open for people to post anything they wish, I’ve never had any negative comments left, in this case, please let the footprint I’ve left online for years help guide you.  On my facebook page there is a section at the top where people have left reviews, many clients have shared there, feel free to check it out . There are no refunds on monies paid, this is for my own protection ( lessons learned ) Just a like a person can purchase a wonderful gym membership and not use, a person can sign up for coaching and do the same. I will spend all the time needed answering ANY questions or concerns while you decide if my coaching is for you at no consultation charge. For pricing, please send an email.

** Are you a coach because you’re perfect and have your entire life together ? ( Ok, no one has asked this lol  but I want to put this out there )

NO !!!!! You and I aren’t that different, we are both walking life’s path and doing the best we can. I continue on my own health journey strong and have been for years. I know what it feels like to want to make changes, to feel hopeless with no self love and my passion for coaching comes from knowing that we as people CAN live our best most blessed life if we are willing to start the wheels of change. Along with my passion, I have schooling and the experience of working with 100’s of people over the last almost 10 years.

What are some benefits of coaching ?

** We dig deep to get a true sense of where your self love, respect and belief is and this work becomes and remains the foundation of our time together. 

** Identify top life goals

** Create a vision, we start this with a session called ” making the emotional connection and we continue each week by setting at least 3 goals weekly.

** Replace stress with peace

** Slow down, get rid of life’s static so you can truly be in the moment

** Find freedom from needing the approval of others

** Begin to live each day with gratitude & intention – let go of guilt

** Experience ongoing, caring, support in reaching your goals from someone who gets it and continues her own life journey.

** Experience excitement and pride as insights are gained each week providing hope and motivation.

** Build self-esteem through the success of your weekly goals.

** Improvement of life balance by working on management of stress, finding solutions of road blocks.

** Establish a new relationship with self, resulting in self acceptance and love – reaching goals, whatever they may be.

Time, dedication, determination and mutual engagement as a team =’s RESULTS! Again, I do this ALL on the foundation of God’s grace and as someone doing my best to live the authentic life I’m meant to live, helping any way I can, my ultimate goal is to use the voice God has given me, I want to be of service !

Words that inspire me as I work in this profession ” God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called ” ~ Christine Caine 

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In light and love,
Sara Bown

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