Live with passion in your daily life !
Live with passion in your daily life !

Live with passion in your daily life !

To truly live is to have a passion for life that’s bursting out of our soul…


I know, I know – I can hear the grumbles under your breath already “  Really Sara, you want passion bursting out of my soul, a bit dramatic don’t you think … my goal is to wake, drink coffee and survive ” I hear you but life can be more…. I want us all to have a deep passion for life where we don’t just survive but thrive and it’s what God wants for us too John10:10
We can do this by starting our day with a grateful, excited heart – the very fact that we woke up this am is enough to be grateful for and if we look around, with grateful, unfiltered eyes, there’s so much more to see, experience, & absorb. Like a flower needs to absorb sun to survive, absorbing gratitude for all we have, feeds our soul and THIS helps us to truly live. Remember, it’s hard to have an abundant, full life when we’re busy wishing we had the life of Suzy up the road …..little do we know, Suzy, wishes she had the life of someone else too. The grass is most green where it’s nurtured and cared for.

zblogjoy2 Additionally, we must remember to feed our joy, so many of us do the required, we look after family, friends, go to work, clean the home and all this is admirable, however, not making time for joy is a serious way to not give our life the needed breath of life it truly requires.


Some things we can do to find & create our joy –> stop and spend time with family and friends ( enjoy them ) ( learn about them ) ( have fun ) and make memories with them – Make a specialty coffee and find a place to sit and drink in peace to pray or meditate, reflect and just be… Have a hot bubble bath, start a book, plants some seeds, go for a walk, run, volunteer…the list goes on and on and my hope is that we remember that the LITTLE things in life truly are the big things. Take the time to also make the goals of your heart a priority, it’s hard to be joyful when living in guilt of not living your best life.

Never forget, we can easily miss all the abundance of life’s beauty, looking for something shinier.

~ Sara Bown

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