My biggest prison was not my body, it was my mind !
My biggest prison was not my body, it was my mind !

My biggest prison was not my body, it was my mind !

 I have been fortunate to connect with many people from all over the world for the last several years since working as a life coach and something that comes up often and something I have felt myself, are feelings of low self worth, respect & love.  When I started my own wellness journey years ago,  I told myself I felt those things because of my extra weight, I told myself I was ugly. I told myself a false story that I started to believe ..

  Working as a coach and as someone on my own life long wellness journey,  I think that we should all be living our best most healthy life because that very action allows better quality of life overall. In saying this, I also realize in sharing my own truth, that the biggest prison was not my body or how I looked, it was my mind. It’s extremely important to know how special and worthy we are no matter our size or our looks. So often the person howling out the insults most, is ourselves with the negative self talk never ending and this often comes from us internalizing what we ” think ” others are thinking. Something important to do is to step back, take in the entire picture and not zoom in on the one or two things you may want to change and be willing to see ((all)) that you are. Society may have us thinking that it all comes down to appearance but who is society really ?!  We are !! We create the reality of what is and what is not. It’s also important to remember that if you are in a place of wanting to make health changes you’re not alone, almost every person walking around has something they would like to change and unlike weight, it may just be something you can’t see. You are not alone in having a goal to better yourself, most people have some type of goal or a want to do better in some aspect of their life.

 So while we worry & stress over how people see us, the question is, what do people really see ?! I believe people often see what we reflect out, for myself, it was the story I told myself that I shared with others without even knowing it, the story that all my worth was based on how I looked and therefor at 310 lbs, I had no worth. If you are struggling to love yourself as you are, step back and talk to yourself like you would a best friend you love and adore. You may suggest to a best friend some helpful guidance on how to reach a goal but you would say it with love, care, compassion and you would recognize every amazing quality about them from the twinkle in their eye to the cute dimple that curls around their lip when something funny occurs. You would zoom in on their value and tell them that getting healthy is so they can live longer and that it has nothing to do with being amazing, worthy, special, funny, loving, strong, courageous, kind, helpful, talented or important because they already are ALL of these things just as they are in this VERY moment !!

My life mission is to help people live their best most happy, healthy authentic life and to share how amazing we all are now if we are only willing to be open to this thinking. Almost every diet I’ve seen starts with cutting calories, and people tend to do ok with this for a short less / move more – what I want to share is how important it is to start with ADDING #SelfLove #SelfBelief & #SelfRespect & for me always on #GodsAmazingGrace so we have a solid foundation on which everything else can stand. Start living aware today, pay attention to the things you tell yourself and if you hear yourself talking negative, take the time to flip it around for a positive. This may be hard at first but you CAN do it !
<3 to you all ~ Sara Bown


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