2016 FREE Monthly Epic Transformation challenge | SaraBown.com
2016 FREE Monthly Epic Transformation challenge | SaraBown.com

2016 FREE Monthly Epic Transformation challenge | SaraBown.com

It doesn’t matter when you find this challenge or how far into 2016 we are, you can join any time !

** PLEASE READ ALL THIS  blog in it’s entirety before asking to join as there is info from top to bottom AND please know how honored I am to offer this to you – if you have been waiting to start something, let THIS be your start, I believe in you ! 


Here we are starting 2016 and THIS year, my goal is to help every person I can, live their best year yet !! Sure we can all have a goal to lose a little or a lot of weight but the work I do with others is deeper than that and my focus is to help people work on the inside, to build a strong emotional foundation…BYE BYE yo yo gimmick diets and did I mention, I’m hosting this for FREE !!!    





Who am I, hosting: My name is Sara Bown, I’m a blessed wife of 16 years, mother to three amazing boys who are 13, 9 & 2 – Motivational speaker and certified LIFE Wellness coach where my mission and passion to help others make the goals of their heart happen with action, rocking out #SelfLove #SelfRespect #SelfBelief all on the beautiful foundation of God’s grace. I’m on my own life long wellness journey with BIG goals for 2016 myself  !

My journey video to date –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqhnHRt8iZw




  Please note, I’ll be asking you to update at the end of each month SO when you post your very first picture goal, think big picture ( for the year ) BUT also break it down specifically for the month of January. I want to help you think BIG picture but to stay accountable, break this up by 12 months. To begin, this January, you will post your involvement photo with your big picture goal & smaller January goals and moving forward each and every month, you’ll post again on the last day of each month ( even January ) sharing how you did and your plan for the following month. I’ll ask to post your photo here –> https://www.facebook.com/SBVirtual5k ( IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THE ONE POSTING, SEND TO ME IN PRIVATE PM ON THAT PAGE AND I’LL POST FOR YOU ) on this page and I will share from this page on my https://www.facebook.com/SaraBown like I currently do now with the 5k / 10k participation photos.

* FAST BREAK DOWN *1) Decide you want to participate – there is an outline of what to include below
2) Go to -> https://www.facebook.com/SBVirtual5k like the page and leave a photo ( any photo ) with your goals attached. You can either make a collage with goals written on picture or post a picture and just type your goals. Here is an example of mine from last year ( keep in mind this was big picture ) –> Mine from last year 🙂 ( IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THE ONE POSTING, SEND TO ME IN PRIVATE PM ON THAT PAGE AND I’LL POST FOR YOU )

3) For January you will be posting twice * First post asap saying you’re in and share big picture goal along with your smaller January goal * Post again on the last day of January with a picture and update of how you did AND share if your goals will be changing for February..in February, you’ll post on last day and share how you did that month and share goals for March and so on… Also, you can SHARE any time on that page wall, as often as you wish and we can all keep in contact over the month that way.

5) Again, the page to share on is https://www.facebook.com/SBVirtual5k from there, I will share on my Sara Bown page like I do with 5k / 10k photos each month !

Here is some help, is helping you set your goals|** To start, make sure you grab a pen and  paper and start to let the dreams, visions, goals come out !  I want each participant to sit and truly think about what they want to reach and accomplish in 2016 and I’m not talking about wanting to drop 20 lbs, I mean truly sit and come up with an entire vision for the new year…this may include health goals but will also include many life goals as well from having more organization in the home to having better relationships with others. It’s my experience from my own journey and working with others for years now that REAL change needs to begin from the inside out !** Now, come up with a daily water goal – If water is an issue, you may want some help from our wonderful virtual 5k / 10k sponsor Hydr-8 water bottles ** Come up with a food goal, how will you stay on track with your eating all year ?

** Based on your big picture goal, what other things need to be implemented in your life ?? For example…if you want to spend more time with your family, how will you do that and what steps will you take each month – If you want a more organized home, what will you commit to ? This comes down to being very clear with your goals, what you truly want and what will you be willing to put in ??


Next: MOVEMENT GOALS… Here are the options, please commit to something, I am adding MANY options so there is something for all fitness and training levels ! Always talk over physical activity goals with your doctor !!

MILE GOAL FOR 2016 – Please note you don’t have to complete a certain amount of miles per day, choose a goal and build your plan to make it happen how you wish.


1)      182. 5 miles for 2016  ( This works out to be on average 1/2 a mile a day for 356 days and this would be a beginner goal)

2)      365 miles for 2016 ( 1 mile per day on average for 2015 )

3)      730 miles for 2016 ( 2 miles per day on average for 2015 )

4)      912.5 miles for 2016  ( 2.5 miles per day on average for 2015 )

5)      1131.5 miles for 2016  ( 5k a day for a year on average  )

6)      1460 miles for 2016   ( 4 miles a day on average for 2015 )

7)      1825 miles for 2016   ( 5 miles a day on average for 2015 )

8)      2109 miles for 2016   ( 6 miles a day on average for 2015 )

9)      2920 miles for 2016   ( 8 miles a day on average for 2015 )

10)    3650 miles for 2016   ( 10 miles a day on average for 2015 )



Activity minutes – these minutes can be used on ANY physical activity

A)  150 minutes per week – 30 minutes of activity – 5 days a week

B) 180 minutes per week –  30 minutes of activity – 6 days a week


C)200 minutes per week –  40 minutes of activity –  5 days a week

D) 240minutes per week – 40 minutes of activity – 6 days a week


E) 300 minutes per week –  60 minutes of activity – 5 days a week

F) 360 minutes per week –  60 minutes of activity – 6 days a week


G) 450 minutes per week –  90 minutes of activity –  5 days a week

H) 540 minutes per week  – 90 minutes of activity  – 6 days a week


I) 580 minutes per week –I’m adding this option in for anyone who may be training for an event where they are putting in the extra time – Remember to NEVER push activity too much and to rest when needed. This is why I mentioned the importance of talking to a doctor about health goals.




TO OFFICIALLY PARTICIPATE: You are official as soon as you post your first picture with goals !!
 I’m hosting this because I believe in you –  if you are someone rocking and rolling already I believe this can be a year reaching even higher and if you are someone JUST starting, I remember standing in the shower crying to God for help, feeling lost as to where to start and like my health situation was helpless so when I say I believe in you and KNOW you can do this.. I KNOW this to be true. Just start, you’ll be amazed with where this commitment brings you if you truly commit.

In light and love
Sara Bown

Motivational Speaker / Certified Life Wellness Coach
Founder and CEO of Sara Bown LIFE Wellness Coaching

Twitter: @SaraBown
Periscope: @SaraBown
Instagram: @saraebown


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