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July 11th / 2017

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I’m asked so often about what I’m doing (( now ))  with regards to my wellness journey. I really can’t share the now without sharing where this all started.  I’ll condense as much as I can  🙂




My journey started, the night I went into the shower and cried to God to fix me, I cried and and begged that he allow me to wake up 20 lbs lighter, I felt like this would give me hope and a place to start from. If this sounds ridiculous, maybe you’ve never hit a place of desperation… I felt SO uncomfortable in my own skin and the inner dialogue I told myself about myself was awful.  Crying that night, I felt broken, like a disappointment to all – I couldn’t tell tears from water running down my face and  I was overcome with a reply in my heart  ” Sara, you’ve always had all the tools you’ve needed, you just need to use them ” This feeling, this moment changed my life for life !


I started my journey officially November 2011 – In reality I started a little sooner with my inside emotions and worked on cutting some foods out, moving a little more. By the time I was ready to get on the scale in November my clothes were fitting better and I felt ready to face the scale, I needed to know where I was. Keep in mind, I knew from how my clothes felt and pictures previous, that I had been bigger only weeks before so in my mind I was ready to see  maybe 250’s lbs ….. I got on and saw 280 either 4 or 6 and can’t say for sure because I jumped off and started to cry. It hit me like dead weight that this meant, I was FOR SURE  in the 300’s only weeks before. Did I see the # ? No but I knew it !  HOW was that even possible.. HOW on earth could that have been truth for me ?!!? THIS is the moment I started working on my emotions. I took the time to think of things I’ve tried over the years along with what i noticed other people I knew try  when wanting to be healthier, all seemed to follow the same path ( calories in / calories out ) pick a plan and away we go. This time however, I stopped and asked the question… ( If this is the real solution, why do so many fall off track ) putting time into this, I decided it was the foundation work of emotions missing. I wondered how successful a person could be in the long run with no self love, respect or belief. I started to research online, visit online pages and people who shared they had gone off track often always shared how bad and broken they felt inside. With this in mind, I decided that my journey could not be about solely calories in  / calories out and NEEDED a foundation for all to rest on which was self love, self respect and self belief ALL resting on God’s grace. This meant that the MOST important work was changing this inner dialogue all the time, seeing the good, letting go of guilt and shame, practicing gratitude … there is a lot involved with this, this is REAL work and I stand by it’s importance ! All the coaching I provide to others, reflects this.  Over the next year, I went down to 201 lbs for a day ( legit ) I started weight training more the day after and yes, muscle and fat weight the same but for me, this always made my weight go up a little but still looking learner. I rested a long time at 212 and if I have one regret, it’s having not celebrated 100 lbs lost from my real starting weight but at this time in 2011,  sharing I had been in 280’s in November carried enough shame and I wasn’t ready to share that. I’ll share that 100 lbs lost some day !!! As I started to share on my page daily and become more comfortable, I did share this info because I learned early on that sharing the real, no matter what people or even friends thought was most important. I started to feel a deep calling to share my story and helping others overcome and realized this was the purpose God had for me and knowing this gives me great strength and determination. I’ve faced challenges and been knocked a few times but that wont keep me down ! Over that time, I was featured in papers and magazines and this was HUGE because I was still plus size and I felt joy being able to show that women of ALL sizes and weights can ROCK life. It’s not small on one size and plus on the other, we’re all in this together ! Please realize, I’m small town, being in a magazine wasn’t about ” look at me ” it gave this drive, it ignited my passion even more because I knew than that if ( I ) could do things I NEVER imagined so could you. I didn’t think this, I knew, I know it and this truth still stands true for me today !



I have felt discouragement, I reached out to magazines when my struggles hit, see I knew that struggles would come, I knew I was ready because of the strong emotional foundation I built and I knew I would overcome. I wanted to share this real window feeling this would help – for people to see with their own eyes that struggles happen and we need to keep fighting. I wanted to share the fight on a bigger platform.  Not having the magazines I reached out to want to share this, hit me hard for some reason, I felt like to publishers, I was only worthy to share if smaller in size and here I was sharing how we are all awesome and amazing at all sizes but like other challenges, I overcame and let it go realizing this wasn’t a reflection of me or my worth, but yet a reflection of society and people thinking they know what others want to see. I’ve added this personal note because I am on a mission to show the REAL which includes the hard and I truly feel if we saw more of this when standing in line getting our groceries it could help MANY ! I wont give up on the goal to make the JOURNEY a beautiful and transparent thing !

This being said, I am still so humbled and proud of the magazines that did share my stories and can say the people involved were ALL top notch !

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This article would be SO different now, I know so much I didn’t know at the time but I’m proud of that girl, I wasn’t ready to say I had been in 300 lbs range but I was in a magazine sharing I had been almost there and still over 200 lbs when printed – At the time, this type of thing wasn’t shared often but all the feedback was only positive ! The biggest thing I would share now is that it was NEVER about my size, although that didn’t leave me feeling great, my size was a result of how I felt. It’s MORE important to GAIN life and not solely lose weight, healthy happens as a result !

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Some recent updates: 

May 2nd 2o17 – This post was  HARD to share feeling like I may be a disappointment to some. In the end, I had to let go of the fear to help those who needed to hear the real and release it myself. Here’s the actual link
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May 30th update:

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June 26th update: ( I’m 58 days in and down 32 lbs )
In this post I was .. 31 days into letting go of sugar and cutting out inflammatory foods. I have had NO junk of any kind, no soda, just minuscule amounts of natural sugar, no bread, pasta, rice and I’m sure more I’m leaving out. I really, committed to testing the science of my body and I will add things back in along the way and see what foods have what effects. This does have a ketogenic eating component no question but I’m following no ” rules ” not on a ” diet ” and was really putting in the work to test what’s good / not good for my own body that started with the Chalene Johnson #BetaTests that has catapulted into tons of research on my own. The pictures below are my ( 31 ) day results. As I shared earlier, I would have posted more along the way but honestly I even hesitate posting now because I know people will want to know what I’m doing and as a coach, people will want coaching for similar results and I am NOT a weight loss coach and I’ll tell you why. I have put in a TON of inside work to get here, years ( since 2011 ) working on the emotional, building a strong foundation. I was a HUGE emotional eater and for me to cut out ALL sugar, my drug of choice and inflammatory foods which includes all the carbs that were also go to’s, I had to be in a certain place emotionally to be successful with this. Yes, I help clients who have goals for a healthier lifestyle but it would be grossly incompetent and irresponsible of me to say ” here’s what I do / have done.. do it and wait for the same results ” I will NEVER be that person and will NEVER make people fake promises ! Our bodies, our journeys are all different which means every health journey to real, long term health will also be different ! I also can’t share every detail of program that I did not create, I feel blessed to be a tester of the#DietBetaTest and the entire program will be available to all, soon. I DO however want to show the power of letting go of bad foods that are inflammatory and the difference it can make along with show all you who have been on this journey with me forever that I am a fighter and will never give up on living my own best most blessed life. I’ll share again in another month.

I want to add here that there was NO exercise to achieve this because of my entire body chronic pain with fibromyalgia. I do go on little walks with my boys but otherwise nothing, this is all food related. I do still have pain, but being down 22.4 lbs I feel ready to add in the treadmill as it will be less stress on my knees that have arthritis. I was also overcome with brain fog, barely able to think really and this way of eating has lifted the fog !!! In photos there was no editing, I am wearing same bras and underwear which are too big now and now holding nothing in and I am also in my full blown monthly ( sorry guys ) but girls, you get it, this is when we bloat most ! I had to add writing to the photo because over the years people have stolen my pictures to use for fake gimmick diets. 


June 16th 2017 Update:
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 July 6th update:
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A little ( real ) from me. Today is Day #67 or #68 and I’m down 34 lbs since LEARNING and making major eating changes, I’m still testing inflammatory foods / repairing gut health, learning daily and loving the process and yet in my photo from today, I look bigger than I did at a higher weight a week ago ?!?!

THIS is why we can’t place all our eggs in one basket, why we can’t look in the mirror during our journey, perhaps not love what we see and call it a day. My monthly is coming on, I retain extra water and bloat for a few days…It’s important to know this about myself because this knowledge is power ! I KNOW that if I stick to goals and rock dedication & determination over the next few days, I’ll feel even better about where I am next week. I didn’t want to wait a week to show you a leaner photo, I wanted to share a real window into our journey !

The foundation I’ve worked on daily since 2012, tells me that I’m valuable and worthy no matter my size. It reminds me that NOW is our only promised moment and to NEVER waste this gift of today. It reminds me that my boys wont be young and at home forever and that my husband and I wont be young together forever so wasting this God given time because I may have goals I want to reach that I haven’t reach yet, is not only deeply sad but such a waste for me and all those I love ! THIS FOUNDATION KEEPS ME GROUNDED. TODAY IS THE DAY TO LIVE AND LOVE LIFE my friends, you are good enough and worthy enough TODAY !

In saying all the above, I gained weight when chronic pain came on about 19 months ago, there was SO much change at once. I went from 1/2 marathon training and completing my second half marathon in October 2015 to barely being able to move, overcome with pain starting off 2016. I didn’t give up, I just needed time to absorb what was happening, I needed time to find peace with it all, there was NO time for self pity so that needed to be overcome fast because it would not allow me to live my best, most blessed life. May 2017, I was ready to KNOW food, I didn’t want a ( gimmick diet ) I don’t believe in them – I wanted to KNOW about our food, our body, hormones, gut health, inflammation ( the list goes on ) to know how it all joins together…JUST at this time Chalene Johnson #DietBetaTest was open, it seemed more like a course and that’s what I wanted and this course has opened the door for hours of learning on my own along with the awesome information it’s provided. I’m committed to knowing about how things we can’t see inside work and yes, I want to drop pounds but not because of how I look but because less pounds is less weight on my joints, less pounds means and represents that I’m being kinder to my body by feeding it fuel…by eating to live and finally letting go of addictions. NO sugar for me in 68 days is ummm WOW !! I did have a tad bit of sugar in my coffee 4 times over 68 days and camping, I had one ice cream ( this is just in full disclosure ) but overall NO junk, nothing bad for me, I have released the power food has had over me. This week, I’m eating differently than I ate last week ( still no junk ) I’m testing… and I wont type here that I’ll never eat cake, I’m just sharing what I’ve done today to release the addiction, to have peace with food, to know the science. THIS is why I’ll share my updates because I want to share that before / current pics aren’t all about how we look…that’s the least important…it’s about ALL that going on, on the inside !! * Edit side note, I’m learning I wasn’t bigger only because of what I ate and low discipline…I’m learning that even healthy foods have negative, inflammatory effects on me, I’m learning that my metabolism is slower….I’m learning that this FOOD aspect of health is not cut and dry and overweight doesn’t mean not enough willpower necessarily. For me, I was kinda lost, I didn’t know what I didn’t know with still more to learn. I now know, NO person could tell me what to do but having been pointed in the right direction, I’m figuring it out on my own.


Most recent update:
July 10th —> <–




Great way to celebrate day #72 since really rocking and rolling with nutrition AND since starting my journey in 2011, I’m down about 70 lbs !! I know that seems like a lot of time in between lol the story is, I lost almost 100 lbs and had my 3rd son 3 yrs ago, gained a little but gained a lot more over 19 months when chronic pain kicked in…I went from 1/2 marathon training to barely able to walk. It’s been a challenge, but I’ve found a bit of a groove and decided to change my eating more than I EVER have and it’s paying off !!


Here is an update from today and I all have to say is, THANK YOU GOD !!

Over 70 lbs gone to date but what truly matters is what you CAN’T see, my heart and soul is at peace no matter my size because I know God has given me purpose based on who I am, not how I look !! This foundation allows me to do ALL things !


AND a recent live video you may enjoy….



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