My blessing today started off with what could have been a pain !

My blessing today started off  with what could have been a pain ! I went for more tests this am and this meant leaving the house for 7:45 am while the house is rocking and rolling with two boys going off to school and getting our little man of 3 ready to come with us. Once at the clinic, I needed to have lots of blood drawn at different times and drink something very gross that was like dirty chalk water 😂😳 HOWEVER because of this, I got to see lots of new people in the waiting room coming and going. I learned about one couple celebrating a long marriage of ( 67 years ) others were feeling loss, and with some we talked about anything and everything. Life is so funny and I always love to see how opportunities are there if we’re open. Had I stayed in my little bubble closed off which isn’t me anyway but if I had, while focusing on just wanting to leave, I would have missed opportunities to connect with others which was a blessing. Each day if we can find the blessings and BE a blessing, it’s a great day !! I was SO happy to enjoy my Tims coffee after the needed fast fr blood tests.

On another note …. I’m making an appeal to Tim Hortons from all my social media pages to PLEASE ( pretty pretty please ) turn this cup in a collectors mug. I love this one sooo much !! ❤️☕️❤️☕️


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