Participation list for the #6WeekSpringCleaningChallenge
Participation list for the #6WeekSpringCleaningChallenge

Participation list for the #6WeekSpringCleaningChallenge

Participation list for the #6WeekSpringCleaningChallenge

Who am I, hosting: My name is Sara Bown and I am a certified Life Wellness coach on my own life long wellness journey “Use” what we are blessed with to “lose” the ” I cant’s ” ♥

 Here is the link for actual challenge:




1. Andrea Sharp ca8fbd9d659e18254923639b246c0754

2. Amy Holloway

3. Margeret Shackelford Black

4. Tish Brock

5. Tiffany McKlveen

6. Sunny Joslin

7. Kristie Serra Llanes

8. Jennifer Floyd

9. Brandy Coffey

10. Wendy Harrington


11. Jamie Lyn Daniell

12.Clarissa Theobald

13. Stacey Blackwell Whelan 

3bdb51f8cd5cbf19f7a3346a74280cf014. Heidi Belle Marie Lopez

15. Kathy Nylen

16. Delee Coulter

17. Renee Popp

18. Jessii Culp

19. Tina Freund

20. Windi Stein Kapraun

21. Pam Bratton Falcinelli

22. Jennifer Graham Nelson

23. Jennifer Hays Forshey

24. Carla Bell Beydler

25. Jessica Horna

26. Lisa Shimel Cole

27. Julie Barger Kunde

29. Jacqueline Smith

30. Erin Kruse

31. Samantha DeVoe

32. Tisha Yohe


Other free challenge I host,









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