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July 20th 2016 ( I was in here Jan 2nd 2020 and all below info still holds true )


With all the HATE and darkness taking over these days, I’ve been praying on how best to be a light in this world, how to do this together as a community. I decided to create a movement called #PowerInTogether ! The foundation and heart of this movement being that it’s not about me and all about (( WE )) – We need to create the change we want to see in the world and the beauty is, WE CAN !!

As we all know, there are millions of people doing good, shining love and light out into the world so I have no trademark on that idea and want to take a moment to thank all the wonderful, amazing people in the world doing their part to make our world a better place ! What I do want to to create, is a movement where all the good and light is kept together in one place, where we can go on any social media platform, use the hashtag #PowerInTogether and be instantly reminded of all the good in the world and also reminded how one small act of kindness is never too small and how millions of acts of kindness is how WE become the change we want to see !!

I have been using the hashtag #PowerInTogether now for years on #Facebook, #Twitter & #Instagram so the beauty is, even if you start using it today  there will already be posts for you  to see and read where you can get to know me better and I cannot wait for YOU to use this hashtag so I can get to know YOU better and see how you are reflecting out kindness and love in the world !

How do we use this to create real change:
This movement is just words without action, without YOU !  To see this grow and to really make a difference, we need to gather, as an army of kindness warriors dedicated to shining out kindness and love, dedicated to taking pictures and videos and using the hashtag #PowerInTogether each and every time we share something on this topic. I very rarely ask for posts to be shared, however, this is all about WE and thus we need to create and grow our tribe of kindness warriors so please share share share…it doesn’t matter if you see this on day one or 10 years from now, please share because with each share, we grow our potential to truly BE the change !

It’s extremely important to use the hashtag #PowerInTogether  – What’s a hashtag ? It’s a word or phrase preceded by a pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.  So remember it has to start with the pound sign #and say PowerInTogether with NO spaces like –> #PowerInTogether –  you’ll notice if you go type this into search now on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that posts will come up and what will happen is, as YOU start to use this hashtag, you will be included in the conversation, in the movement and THAT is how you, from your corner of the world become an activist of change, shining out God’s kindness and light ! ALONG with using this hashtag please tag me or post directly on my social media pages with your posts so I can in turn share what you are doing with others 🙂

My facebook page –> https://www.facebook.com/SaraBown

My Twitter page –> https://twitter.com/SaraBown

My Instagram page — > https://www.instagram.com/saraebown/


 How to participate:  First, I cannot say enough that there is NO such thing as a kindness act too small ! So any form of kindness or love that you capture via photo or video PLEASE add to your social media page and use the hashtag #PowerInTogether, remember that if you are on facebook and have your settings set to  private or friends only ( which makes sense by the way )  that we as a community wont be able to see. That’s why I invite you to go to my facebook link above and share directly on my facebook page OR make the specific posts open to public 🙂  So YES, please share pictures and videos of yourself being kind but also share pictures and videos of others being kind ( and let’s be kind and let people know we are recording them ) Has your child just saved a grasshopper from being stepped on, share it  –  Is your neighbor arriving home from a long day of volunteering, take a picture and provide a shout out –  Has your wife or husband just made the best meal ever that made you feel SO loved and appreciated, share it and if you can, tag them to make them feel special. Does the Starbucks  barista take time to truly SEE you, share them There are so many examples of the every day blessings of light and love we can share out into the world !

I also invite participants to make some of these #PowerInTogether notes and leave them in random places where people will find them and be encouraged. Again, the idea is to say ( I see you, you matter ) For now, if you would like to add the web page on these notes, people can go home and learn how they can take part and also realize they are part of a bigger movement that they also can take part in. Once this takes off, we can drop the web page and just use the hashtag…. PLEASE take a video or pictures of you leaving a note OR receiving one AND please make this a family event, nothing would make my heart happier than seeing children make these notes and bringing them with them to day care, the park, church, family events… 🙂
** Side note, We want these notes left in places where people will find and take them and not cause a business tons of cleanup 🙂 Maybe leave one or two in different places and not 100’s in a place of business – thank you 🙂
Here are a couple examples –>

zzzzzpower2 zzzzzzzyoumatter1

Ok, so here you have it, let the power of together begin and let me also say, I have a deep desire to share God’s light and love and thus that’s part of my love language. I also realize we come from all over the world with different beliefs and experiences and that is a main thread to this movement, us coming together with our own love language and being open and willing to share how we each can make this world a better place just as we are. This movement needs YOU, just as you are >3

How to tag: On social media to tag someone you place a @ sign before their name or business name and again make sure there are no spaces. For example @saraBown is going to be my facebook page, this works on twitter and instagram. In most cases, once you type in @ and start to add letters afterwards, names will start to come up, once you see the name you want, just click on it and that tags the person. If you have ANY trouble with any of this please send me an email info@sarabown.com and I’ll help you the best I can ! 



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In light and love,
Sara Bown
sdbown@hotmail.com ( Bown not Brown )

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