Power In Together Movement |#PowerInTogether | Sara Bown
Power In Together Movement |#PowerInTogether | Sara Bown

Power In Together Movement |#PowerInTogether | Sara Bown


Hi all, Sara Bown here 💕

With all the HATE and darkness taking over these days, I’ve been praying on the best way to be a light in this world. I have this unique, privilege, having a social platform and with it, it’s important that my social footprint be a footprint of action towards making the world better. Even if the result is creating the smallest positive ripple, each ripple matters… it’s when these tiny ripples come together that they create a tidal wave – it’s the power of what we collectively do together that creates BIG change.

In thinking this over, I decided to create a movement called #PowerInTogether.  I sit here posting this in 2016 but I’ve personally been using this hashtag since 2012 because of the deep meaning it has for me.  The foundation and heart of this movement is not about ME ( Sara ) it’s about WE (all of us) Together as we need to create the change we want to see in the world and the beauty is, WE CAN !!

At it’s core, I want this #PowerInTogether movement to be one where our online community cheers people on from all over the world where we can say “ I see you, you matter, keep going “ One where everyone is welcome from all backgrounds, no one needs to act a certain way, look a certain way, vote a certain way, speak a certain way…  I simply want to create a movement where all the good and light is kept together, where WE can use the hashtag #PowerInTogether and be instantly reminded that we aren’t alone, where we can be reminded of the good in the world and also be reminded how one small act of kindness is never too small and how millions of acts of kindness is how WE become the change we want to see !!

As mentioned above, I have been using the hashtag #PowerInTogether now for years on Facebook & Instagram so the beauty is, even if you start using it today ( whatever day you end up here ) there will already be posts for you to see and read where you can get to know me better and I cannot wait for YOU to use this hashtag so I can get to know YOU better and see how you are reflecting out kindness, love & hope in our world !

First, I will be using #PowerInTogether for any and all health / wellness challenges I host and if you’re taking part, I ask that you use as well on any of your corresponding posts. This allows us to cheer each other on in a multitude of ways because everyone deserves to have community with them as they aim to live their best most blessed life ! Looking after our own health is how we in turn have something to offer others as no one can offer water from an empty cup. When we struggle in life, it’s hard to even keep our own head above water let alone have anything left over to give to others. I host the free challenges that I do as a way to let you know that I care because I KNOW you have so much to offer this world, I KNOW how much you matter. Never forget that looking after yourself is the BEST gift you can give to others (( 💕 ))

How do we use this movement to create real change:
This movement is just words without action, without YOU !  To see this grow and to really make a difference, we need to gather as an army of people dedicated to their own health where we in turn can be warriors dedicated to shining out kindness, love & hope, dedicated to reaching people and we do this, by sharing pictures and videos online using the hashtag #PowerInTogether ! Are you wondering if this really could make a difference? I’ve wondered the same and during those moments of scepticism, I reminded myself how often people are online, which in turn means how many opportunities we have to reach someone with a post that will help in some way.


I very rarely ask for posts to be shared, however, this is all about WE and thus we need to create and grow our tribe of  warriors so please share share share…it doesn’t matter if you see this on day one or 10 years from now, please share because with each share, we grow our potential to truly BE the change !

* Remember…  It’s extremely important to use the hashtag #PowerInTogether  –>  Wondering what a hashtag is ? Just click on this link <—  When you use the hashtag, you start conversation from your corner of the world and become an activist of change, an inspirer of hope !

In closing, I joyfully full of hope & gratitude pass the torch on to you & wait optimistically to see the light you shine !!

In light and love.
Sara Bown xo

My facebook page –> https://www.facebook.com/SaraBown

My Instagram page — > https://www.instagram.com/saraebown/




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