I want to keep the prayer chain going on this today – My heart breaks thinking of the victims, the families and friends and as I pray over them, I also pray for our world. I pray for us the people who share this world together and wonder, how are we here, after all we have seen and know from history, after seeing time and time again the result of hate HOW ARE WE HERE ?? In the year of 2016, we have so much knowledge at our fingertips and yet, so often, it feels we are slipping backwards.

There is NO argument that can defend hate & violence or the mental abuse spoken that comes from bullies and just to be clear, it’s not only youth that face and act as bullies, with social media, so many have decided to make a platform where they become judge and jury where lives are ruined. I’m not saying people have to agree with everything other people do or don’t do, but I am saying that non of us are better or above anyone else and the second we think that we are, WE, are indeed the problem.


When will this all end ?! I believe, every person has this special God given spark that makes us rare and beautiful, unique and valuable, this is given as we are being formed and NO person or persons, has the right to stamp out that spark, the spark that makes us each different & valuable. And yet, we see it all the time, sometimes it’s words being used as weapons, you know, just a joke or gossip, little things whispered just loud enough for the intended target to hear. Other times, physical offense comes into play, nudges, bumps, pushing, smacks, punches, beatings AND all too often, that spark is completely extinguished, robbed from our world too soon like all the lives lost in Orlando. Sadly, Orlando isn’t the only example and if history repeats itself, it wont be the last.

Think of what it is you find to be the most beautiful in the world and think about why you find it to be so. Maybe it’s a beautiful flower where from the stem, emerges an incredible blossom with different shades coming together to create something unique and breathtaking – Maybe it’s the ocean with shadows of blue and black always moving and echoing peace where the waves seem to sing an incredible lullaby – Perhaps it’s a rainbow clear as day in the sky like it was perfectly painted for all to see. One thing is for sure, whatever it is we find most beautiful is also what makes it different from everything else. The beauty comes from it’s uniqueness, and people are the very same !!


Let’s us all be lights of tolerance in the world and may we remember to be grateful that people are good enough to tolerate us just as we are <3
Sara Bown


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ღ Sara Bown - Motivational Speaker & LIFE coach
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