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Sara Bown | LIFE Wellness Transformation Coaching | Bess Blanco show

** Family Health Matters Radio  Tue, July 17,2012
Food & Family Health Coach and host of Family Health Matters, Bess Blanco welcomes Sara Bown of Step by Step Wellness. These two powerhouse ladies will be discussing Sara’s amazing transformation from overweight and unhealthy to strong, happy, healthy and dedicated.

Here is my 30 minute radio interview,



IRUN The Running Show

iRun: the Running Show airs Saturdays 8-9 am on Ottawa’s Team1200 Sports Radio

Join host Mark Sutcliffe and co-host Ray Zahab as they chat with guests including inspiring runners, coaches, race directors, running celebrities and more!
Mark Sutcliffe, group publisher and founder of iRun magazine, is an Ottawa Citizen running columnist, radio host, author of Why I Run and marathoner.  Ray Zahab is an adventure runner, founder of Impossible2Possible and the iRun Runner-in-Chief.

Here is link to interview to find, you must click on December 8th once there. My interview is about 19:55 minutes in and you can skip forward

How my online coaching works –>

Clients testimonials —>

My journey and mission as a life coach –>

In light and love,
Sara Bown ( Bown not Brown )



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