Rocking an attitude of gratitude
Rocking an attitude of gratitude

Rocking an attitude of gratitude

written in 2017

🌺  Friday and Saturday I did a little more than usual, I had projects ( that were big projects now with chronic pain that I wanted completed and slow & steady, I pushed and did most of what I wanted (( happy dance )) Still awake approaching 5am Sunday with pain, I knew I was in for a hard day. My beautiful boys and husband all dressed and went to church and I stayed home, resting, trying not to move in the wrong way. I often feel uncomfortable sharing struggles as I want to be a voice of positivity but with time, I have come to understand that I cannot share joy unless I share my pain, I cannot reach someone facing the same as me unless I share what unites us. I have come to realize that wanting to shine out a positive light doesn’t always mean everything in my path is positive, it means I FIND the positive ! Had I let the pain take over, I would not be celebrating anything today but I am ! I’m celebrating my boys happy faces, I’m celebrating my heart, mind and spirit because it’s at peace. I feel so strong in my faith and mission as a life coach and it makes me feel STRONG despite my body feeling physically out of commission ! I’m celebrating my husband’s awesome, loving, gentle, beautiful face I’m celebrating birds coming to our kitchen window and the house in which I sit as it’s an answer to prayer in itself.  I’m reminded that as I adjust to life with chronic pain, there will be days that I can do more than others, some days like today, I may not be able to do a lot physically BUT I can still do so many things that truly matter, like giving cuddles, giving my care, working with so many of you across the miles online so sitting here, all I feel is happy, grateful and hopeful for a better day tomorrow. Do I have moments where I sit in ( why me ) I sure do but I don’t stay there because it doesn’t change what is and it serves me in no way. I am committed to making each day the best it possibly can be and this truly does start with always practicing and attitude of gratitude ! 

 In light and love
~ Sara Bown

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~ Sara Bown 😘


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