8th annual FREE #Rocktober challenge


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 Hi friends it’s our 8 th annual  #Rocktober !!  

* WARNING * People who rock life may have an extra spring in their step, have an amazing outlook on life, reach goals and count their blessings while rocking an attitude of gratitude – If you would rather have a negative October, you may find this event annoying and counter productive !

☆ `•.¸.•´ º ☆ Our first assignment to start, make a poster or goal chart ( even if you use just reg paper ) and create a visual for your October intentions / goals . The sky is the limit here, it doesn’t have to be elaborate but it certainly can be and I encourage you to create something you’ll enjoy looking at that makes you feel excited and inspired to be your best self ! If you go to the dollar store with $10 you can get some materials to create something amazing with things like * Bristol Board * Sharpies * markers * stickers * ribbons * magazine pics * Glue * tape * picture of yourself or a picture that makes you feel joy. If you feel like ripping a page out of a journal, using a pencil  and drawing stick people is more your style..that’s  ok too !!


  All of October : Once you have your goals or intentions on your poster / goal board / paper..whatever it is that you created,  share it with me and the rest of the page.  You can do this by sharing with me on my facebook page –>  Sara bown –> https://www.facebook.com/SaraBown/  wall OR if you don’t want to post because  people on your facebook can see that you posted, send me your photo in a pm on the same page and I’ll share for you ! I will be creating a #ROCKtober photo album on the page where I will add all of our posters and I invite you to comment on your own photo as often as you wish with how you did that day in rocking your goals. The main objective here is accountability and having a community for support so please feel free to also leave notes on the posters of others to cheer them on. And again, I’m hosting this 100 % FREE !

 Need some help creating goals ? If so, please visit this page –> http://sarabown.com/creatinggoals


When sharing this challenge anywhere on social media, please use the hashtage #ROCKtober

If social media leaves you scratching your head and you’re not sure what to do, send me an email and I’ll help the best I can.

Email: sdbown@hotmail.com  ( Bown not Brown )

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In light and love,
Sara Bown



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