Run / walk intervals in the snow |
Run / walk intervals in the snow |

Run / walk intervals in the snow |

Who am I, hosting: My name is Sara Bown, I’m a blessed wife of 16 years, mother to three amazing boys who are 13, 9 & 2 – Motivational speaker and certified LIFE Wellness coach where my mission and passion to help others make the goals of their heart happen with action, rocking out #SelfLove #SelfRespect #SelfBelief all on the beautiful foundation of God’s grace. I’m on my own life long wellness journey with BIG goals for 2016 myself  !My journey video to date –>


Hi guys, I wanted to show you my method for running in the snow which is the same method I use often no matter the weather. If just starting in snow or warm weather, you may want to walk 2,3,4 poles and run one or 1/2 of one. The key, talk to a doctor before any new exercise plan, stay safe and listen to your body…eventually even if you start what feels turtle slow…you’ll improve.  Consistency & dedication really does pay off !!

 Calories burned….





 More family fun exercise once home having fun….12439152_10156386724230076_1297058518034181842_n


View out on the trail..12509063_10156386724165076_7971119261002112133_n


 Here is a video made in summer showing same method….please note it’s now or



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