#BeBRAVEchallenge inspired by |Sara Bareilles brave song | Sara Bown – LIFE wellness coaching
#BeBRAVEchallenge inspired by |Sara Bareilles brave song | Sara Bown – LIFE wellness coaching

#BeBRAVEchallenge inspired by |Sara Bareilles brave song | Sara Bown – LIFE wellness coaching

Sara Bown | Certified LIFE Wellness coach | #BeBRAVEchallenge !

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WHAT IS IT :  The #BeBRAVEchallenge inspired by the Sara Bareilles song BRAVE ! You see, we each have a story and every day millions of brave actions are taking place, sometimes we are brave in silence and I was thinking ” Wouldn’t it be nice to share pride with people over these amazing brave moments “  Please don’t feel that you need some huge brave action, this is not a competition and EVERY brave action truly is huge. These shared stories WILL motivate and inspire others.  Yes, for some that is completing a marathon but for others, it’s getting up out of bed….your brave moments matter !

How to participate : It’s really easy, all 2014 / 2015 I want us to stand tall, proud and #BRAVE letting our beautiful light from within shine !  I would love for you to share your brave moments with us, by sending me an e-mail along with the story that goes with your picture ( or video ) –  Providing your submission fits in with guideline,  I will share in my blog, facebook, Twitter & Instagram. This is not meant to be fitness only and includes any situation where you showed bravery such as fighting injury, fighting illness, standing up for something you believe in, standing in your truth and rocking it, starting your health journey in the face of fear or just being silly like in Sara Bareilles video in a world that is sometimes too serious ( the list goes on as we have so many ways to be brave ) I want your BRAVE stories, photos or videos of 2014 so we can be #Brave together !

Here is Sara Bareilles song BRAVE, click here to listen ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUQsqBqxoR4&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=AL94UKMTqg-9BPL9bLm9aqOdspVRhGETKg


Much LOVE <3 ~ Sara ((hugs))

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Amanda’s #BeBRAVE story –> http://sarabown.com/sara-bown-coaching-bebravechallenge-amandas-story


Sandy’s #BeBRAVE st0ry — > http://sarabown.com/sara-bown-use-it-2-lose-it-sandy-pelletiers-story-verdict-came-out-that-i-had-advanced-lupus-with-chronic-fibromyalgia-i-was-in-total-disbelief


Audrey’s #BeBRAVE Story — > http://sarabown.com/sara-bown-coaching-bebravechallenge-my-journey-began-2-years-ago-when-i-was-diagnosed-with-breast-cancer-audreys-story




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