Sara Bown Coaching | #BeBrave Challenge | throughout a course of several days that led the doctors to one diagnosis, Retinitis Pigmentosa | Heather’s story

Throughout a course of several days, doctors were led to one diagnosis, Retinitis Pigmentosa | Heather’s story | Sara Bown Coaching | #BeBrave Challenge |

We all face challenges, here’s mine…….


At the age of 12, my family took me to John’s Hopkins University to be examined by a retinal specialist at the Wilmer Eye Institute per the recommendation of my ophthalmologist. There, I was put through massive amounts of tests throughout a course of several days that led the doctors to one diagnosis, Retinitis Pigmentosa. What? What the heck is that??? We had no idea what it was or how to pronounce or spell the darn thing!



Not to bore you with all the medical mombo-jombo, here is the comparison to what I see and what you see:


My disease has progressed quite a bit so here is a little glimpse into the challenges that I currently face everyday:


  • Night blindness.
  • Tunnel vision.
  • Cataracts.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • floaters.
  • Right now, I only use my left eye. I no longer have any vision left in my right eye, other than light and dark. No pitty remember!


I decided to bring attention to my disease for several reasons:


  1. Awareness. Bringing awareness to RP can only be a good thing. The more knowledgeable people are the better they can understand.
  2. Life doesn’t end at hardships. Life isn’t fair, we all know this, but we work with what we are given and we make the best of it! I always look at the glass as half full not half empty!
  3. No excuses. Excuses, yeah, we all use them for some things. I try not to let my condition rule my life, well, to an extent LOL.
  4. Anything is possible. Man, this is the truth. Okay, well maybe not anything, you certainly don’t want me to drive :) LOL
  5. Inspiration. I never want anyone to give up. I want everyone to know that, just like you, I have obstacles as well. That every time I see someone in a wheelchair I think to myself, why didn’t I get up and run today? Why aren’t I using the gifts God has given me to better myself today? The grass is always greener my friends! :)


Here is a quote that I truly believe we can all relate to:


I am proud of all of my accomplishments from being a mom and raising awesome boys to being an ambassador to several fitness communities! Anything is possible, if you just let go and embrace what and who you are!

So when I tell you I coupon, run, exercise, blog, cook, review, travel and be a mom and wife, I do this visually impaired. I have always taught my children to be proud of who they are. So today, I am doing a little “practice what you preach” post and coming out of the dark, sorta speak :)


If you would like to learn more about RP, please see my post,What Is RP?

To read Heather’s FULL blog article on this, please visit this link — >

 A little extra info from Heather – At the age of 31 I decided to quit smoking, which I had done for 20 years. When I quit smoking, I picked up the habit of baking, big mistake! I gained a bit of weight and was miserable. I decided to learn how to run. So I bought an Iphone app that taught me how to run in 6 weeks and started running! I lost the weight and have kept it off for 2 years now!

~ Heather Tuck

Thank you Heather for sharing in the #BeBRAVEchallenge and know that sharing this bravery will help others, I am honored to share your story !
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