Sara Bown | FREE #SeptemberToRemember 2015 challenge
Sara Bown | FREE #SeptemberToRemember 2015 challenge

Sara Bown | FREE #SeptemberToRemember 2015 challenge


 Here we are in September and once again, I’ll be hosting #SeptemberToRemember in memory of my nanny Dorothy Rees who passed away September 2012 ( That’s the DR you see on the picture )** Here are the goals I would like us to focus on for September  #SeptemberToRemember 

* Getting enough sleep – > 

* Getting enough water – >* Honor your body with movement (physical activity)* Honor your body with clean foods ( If just starting, start with exchanging some junk foods for healthy options )

* Make a personal goal – A personal goal can be anything that focuses on nurturing your soul – time with friends, a hot bath, learning to play guitar..the list goes on and on !

* Along with all of this, it’s so important to rock #SelfLove #SelfRespect & #SelfBelief – Our authentic life is the life we feel most happy, whole, balanced living and to live this life, we need to rock out #SelfLove and for me that includes the foundation of #GodGrace

Think long term and realistic when setting these goals – It’s not about making huge goals we wont keep, it’s about looking at each goal I mentioned above and making an action plan that’s realistic that will improve our life right away. For example, if you currently get NO physical activity – set a goal you can handle and build up from there – this goes for all the above. If we stay dedicated and determined, before we know it, our life will begin to change and we will see that living our best life is a choice we make to live happy and authentic NOT a punishment. Rock that attitude of gratitude !

Remember, we can make all the changes we want on the outside but if we don’t focus on the inside, we will most often end up like a dog chasing his tail, on the continuous carousel ride going round and round – I will ask every few days how everyone is doing and all my sm pages and invite you to share comments and pictures of your September journey. I hope to see YOU involved because remember, life is what we make it and we have a choice to either have a mediocre September OR a #SeptemberToRemember again, the choice is 100% ours, what will you decide ? I’m choosing to ROCK it out !

–>You can share how you’re rocking out September at any time as many times as you like, the more often the better ! I ask if you share anything on facebook, instagram or twitter, please use the hashtag #SeptemberToRemember you can even do a #Periscope update video with the # and tag me – I will be able to find your posts this way and touch base ! ALS0 – When you use the ( # ) #SeptemberToRemember I will save your photo and info and share in this album on facebook- just let me know if you don’t want it shared.

To participate on facebook go here –> #SeptemberToRemember facebook challenge wall

My Twitter –> @SaraBown

My Instagram –> @saraebown
Periscope –> @sarabown
( please note, it’s Bown and not Brown )

 A great way to start, is to create your plan, write down your goals and action plan, take a picture and tag me !! 

This is the same type of work I do with my clients on a much more personal level where as a team, we have a weekly session ( online ) and clients can reach out daily if needed. If at any time, you feel you need the more one on one help, please touch base and I would be happy to explain how coaching works and if I have any openings at the time. Here is more coaching info –> Sara Bown

My beautiful nanny !! Love you forever xo

What do you think ?

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