Sara Bown | Free Challenge ” 365 day make it happen with action  ” ( closed Dec 31st 2014 )
Sara Bown | Free Challenge ” 365 day make it happen with action ” ( closed Dec 31st 2014 )

Sara Bown | Free Challenge ” 365 day make it happen with action ” ( closed Dec 31st 2014 )

Sara Bown | Free Challenge ” 365 day make it happen with action  ”


* Happy May *

Before reading on, my new #BeBRAVEchallenge is going to tie in with this every month, if you have not yet seen this challenge please visit the following link –>

Annual Wellness Challenge, hosted since 2012

Who am I, hosting: My name is Sara Bown and I am a certified Life Wellness coach on my own life long wellness journey “Use” what we are blessed with to “lose” the ” I cant’s ” ♥

Facebook Motivation Page:

When: Jan 1st 2014 – Jan 1st 2015

Where: All over the world and YOU are invited !!

Supporter: Lululemon are supporting us with a lovely ( headband ) to be won each month. If you are participating in the 365 day wellness challenge or my #BeBrave challenge and activity involved, you will have a chance to win each month. Thank You Lululemon Halifax !!


The Challenge: I have been hosting a free challenge since 2011 and 2014 is no exception !!
Welcome to our new challenge for 2014

Working as a wellness coach, and having been page admin of my site since 2011 on my own wellness journey, I realize it’s impossible to come up with one challenge that speaks to ALL people because we are all so different.  As people, we enjoy different things and have different needs, goals and challenges and in the spirit of knowing this, our 2014 challenge will consist of YOU sharing with US what your goal is for each month with me as your guide. I will also post mini challenges into the big challenge along the way each month –  this mini challenge is to keep things moving and fun but the idea is, each month, I help everyone keep themselves accountable by coming up with their own well organized plan.

 For many, they may want to get bike miles in, others will want to achieve walking miles, some just beginning,  may realize they have some inside work to do over the first few months…this challenge is for EVERYONE no matter where you are on your journey and no matter your goals and it’s 100% free.

At the beginning of each month, I will ask all those participating to share their goal ( goals ) for the month and to come back and provide updates. This works best with participation so as others involved, please take the time to comment, motivate and acknowledge others who post, it makes all the difference !

In your goals please include a ( weekly ) Miles OR minutes goal for physical activity and please note – Daily on my sara use it to lose it page, I make a post that will ask…did you #honorYourBodyWithMovementToday and this is your opportunity to share how you did with your goals every day of the month !!


An example: Here is MY goal for this month and next

* Get in at least 250 minutes a week in physical activity
* Water water water – I need to do better here
* 80 / 20 rule with regards to my eating
* Make as many amazing memories with my family as possible ( this is a goal for life )

* Keep up with my studying and learning to always go as a life coach and motivator 🙂




Are YOU ready to rock 2014 ??


PLEASE visit this link to challenge page, once you arrive you can join by clicking ” going ” in top right hand corner and remember to post your goals and to come back often. —–>


Would you like to be a sponsor, if so, please reach out.

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~ Sara

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