Sara Bown & friends 2020 #PowerInTogether wellness challenge !

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 Friends, I am BEYOND excited to be hosting our virtual 5k / 10 k’s again and by the response shown in just a couple days by so many of you, I can see I’m not the only excited one ((( eeek happy dance ))) So, I’ve been thinking of a way I can I tie in a challenge with the 5k / 10k like I’ve done in the past to keep us moving all month long where everyone can participate ?!? Hummm……


Well, I want to make this the least confusing as possible..

#1 -> Make  ( weekly )  goals & track whatever way you’re able, anyone with any type of activity watch can do this easily, otherwise, take pics of what you’re doing … think of making cute collages of your daily accomplishments:) Need help setting up some goals ? If so, I’ve shared some ideas here –> <–

#2 -> Each day that you’re up to it, share what you’ve accomplished on the Sara Bown –><–  page by making a page post. Some may want to share daily, others weekly … what you share and to how much will be 100 % up to you !

#3 ->This isn’t a needed step but our page hashtag is #PowerInTogether ! No matter what social platform you’re using or what challenge you’re doing, if it has to do with something I’m hosting, the hashtag to use is #PowerInTogether  Are you wondering what on earth a hashtag is ? I thought you might, I broke it down here <– Click here is the word hashtag has you saying ( what now ) or if you just need a bit more of a breakdown of things –>

#4 -> Have fun!!

That’s it folks, something each one of us can do !! In the past I’ve had some page friends who haven’t wanted to share their photo on my public page, an option if you feel this way is to make collages of scenery from your day, screen shot from activity watch.. you don’t have to add a picture of yourself if you’re not comfortable with that. Just remember that when we post our accomplishments and struggles we can make a positive impact, we each have a story that speaks life into others !

Who am I, hosting: My name is Sara Bown, I’m a blessed wife of ( almost 21 years ) to my best friend David. I’m a mother to three amazing boys who are 18, 14, & 6 and baby girl who’s soon to be 1. I’m a motivational speaker, published writer & certified LIFE coach. I started my main facebook page –> Sara Bown <– in 2011 and have been posting just about daily since.

My mission: To help others live their BEST most BLESSED life by rocking #SelfLove#SelfRespect#SelfBelief all on the foundation of #GodsGrace What we shine into the world matters !

Examples of picture collages…




How my online coaching works –>

Clients testimonials —>

My journey and mission as a life coach –>

In light and love,
Sara Bown ( Bown not Brown )




What do you think ?

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