Sara Bown & friends | #45DaysOfElfies | Elfie
Sara Bown & friends | #45DaysOfElfies | Elfie

Sara Bown & friends | #45DaysOfElfies | Elfie

I’m excited !!! Along with keeping us moving and hosting a FREE Zumba & mile challenge and also the free virtual 5k / 10k that I’ve been hosting each month since 2011, I wanted to come up with a free FUN challenge that focuses on the inside emotions of enjoying life and being grateful !


So if you’ve been a friend for any amount of time, it’s NO secret, I LOVE Christmas, I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. It’s the joy / excitement that fills me up – Spiritually it’s a time like no other and for me in general, it’s like magic surrounds us, there is this feeling that sits in the air so heavy that accompanies the glow of lights, sights and sounds and even the spirit of Santa lives alive and strong in my heart, it reminds me of kindness of man and this just takes over my soul because I feel it allows us to see kindness & joy exemplified, I work hard to live Christmas every day of the year but there is an undeniable beauty that comes with Christmas. I also realize this time of bliss for me is a time of pain for many others… Our life experiences make us feel very differently and yet, our feelings are true for each of us equally.


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So this is #Elfie challenge is for ALL of us, even for those that may not love the holidays, it will challenge us to think like a child again, to celebrate the gift of today where we can wake up each morning being intentional in looking for the magic ( blessing ) of the 24 hrs to come.

 What do we need to do to participate: Each day around 8 pm my time ( AST ) I will make a post on the Sara Bown facebook page asking you to share your #Elfie in comments ( please check into the page if it doesn’t show up on your timeline because fb doesn’t share all posts )  I ask you to share a picture, something that made you happy that day, a blessing, it can be you holding something, wearing something, a selfie ( #Elfie )in the great outdoors or it can be of a thing, scenery..the sky is the limit here. I want those of us who love / celebrate this time of year to have fun sharing what’s going on in our homes ( collages welcome as well ) and those who have a hard time with this time of year or who maybe don’t celebrate to share photos that exemplify thankfulness – where we can all come together this season and encourage and celebrate each other. I have made it last 45 days so it will also include New Years Day !


SO here we is #Day1 of #45DaysOfElfies ( please use that hashtag when posting )

In the blog you’ll notice I added some of my family photos from last year this time to show some examples 🙂 ( Bown not Brown )



What do you think ?

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