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Are you ready, READY to live your best most blessed life ? 

Hi, my name is Sara Bown, I’m a blessed mom of boys who are 15, 11 & 4 and wife of 19 yrs this year * I live in Atlantic Canada * Certified Life Coach * Speaker * Published writer * I do online coaching with clients from all over the world and my mission is helping people find, cultivate (( ROCK )) their inner light & purpose because with that foundation, I know a person can do ANYTHING !! I learned this in starting my own journey in 2011.

 So the challenge for January 2018,  let’s make it simple this month …. I challenge YOU to join today  by committing to walk or run at least every second day and feel free to do any level you wish.  When I was half marathon training ( I’ve completed two )  I often ran in place instead of walking and used weights ..just start where you can – the key is to START !!



* Walk or run every second day – if you need to start with 10 minutes, start there just START !

I could NEVER just host a walk / run challenge without also sharing a foundation for it all ! 

Take time to think about your true life goals ** To start, make sure you grab a pen and  paper and start to let the dreams, visions, goals come out !  I want each participant to sit and truly think about what they want to reach and accomplish in 2018 and I’m not talking about wanting to drop 20 lbs, I mean truly sit and come up with an entire vision for the new year…this may include health goals but will also include many life goals as well from having more organization in the home to having better relationships with others. It’s my experience from my own journey and working with others for years now that REAL change needs to begin from the inside out – if we don’t take the time to put the work in here, nothing else will fall into place !

** Now, come up with a daily water goal – Water is SO important and if you’re not getting enough, this is something you can start today !! Here is a quick link to give some guidance –> <—

** Based on your big picture goal, what other things need to be implemented in your life ?? For example…if you want to spend more time with your family, how will you do that and what steps will you take each month – If you want a more organized home, what will you commit to ? If you want to be eating healthier what’s your plan, for me, I’m following the 131diet which isn’t a diet, it’s more a course in nutrition.  Making goals happen comes down to being very clear with your goals, what you truly want and what will you be willing to put in ?? It’s not enough to say you want to do something or have something, I want you to start creating your plan on HOW you’re going to make your best most blessed life happen and this should include writing things down ( intentions ) EACH day !

The hard part with a challenge on an open facebook page is that posts don’t always reach page friends ( be warned, I’ll be sharing this challenge a few times hehe ) So first, go to my page and comment on this pinned post please, I know you’re busy but this helps me know who I’m reaching and if people want this challenge hosted each month –> <–  when you comment, I’ll know you’re participating AND  leaving likes and comments on posts, is how you make sure posts show up on your news feed and you don’t want to miss challenge updates.  You can also select the option ( keep this page in your news feeds )

HOW TO TAKE PART ?! What I would ask participants to do IS make a fun collage with your accomplishments from the day, if you can. A simple post with words or one picture is also fine but people tend to enjoy sharing their accomplishments and we want to celebrate with you ! There’s something about taking the time to create a little collage that adds excitement and commitment to your journey. A collage may be a fitbit screenshot, pictures from your walk or run, quotes that inspired you that day… you get it 🙂  I ask that you share this to my facebook page wall so I can share some for others to see and this creates fun, it supports and celebrates those participating AND it encourages others who want to be more healthy and need that encouragement from others….let us be a light of encouragement together – THIS was my goal in creating my facebook page in 2011 and it remains true,  to be a light of encouragement and love for as many people as possible.  IF you are challenging yourself with something that is not walking or running please still post for me to share, I want to celebrate you 🙂 I also have a CLOSED facebook group that you can join for free where you can post updates —-> to join you need to send a request, I check out who the request is from personally to do my best and make sure all people joining are legit with good intentions ! Here is the link if you want to request to join –> <—

 When sharing your updates, please use the hashtag #PowerInTogether !

How to post directly on my facebook  page wall ?!?  You simply go to  and you’ll see ( write something – post something ) You can add a picture and type what you wish, press post and voila !!  🙂 Go try it now and say hi !!

So are you in ??? I sure hope so ! Oh, are you wondering when this ends, why put a time frame on it, let’s just rock life and get page friends involved in this and I’ll update each month if enough people are involved.  THIS is 100 % free, this is my 8th year coaching clients online from all over the world and the majority of all my coaching like hosing this challenge has been free, I do work with a limited amount of people when space is open and for that, you can email ( Bown not Brown )

Below is my facebook live video from January 02 2018 talking about this challenge and where my heart is hosting it ! 

 I’m hosting this because I believe in you –  if you are someone rocking and rolling already I believe this can be a year of reaching even higher and if you are someone JUST starting, I remember standing in the shower crying to God for help, feeling lost as to where to start and like my health situation was helpless so when I say I believe in you and KNOW you can do this.. I KNOW this to be true. Just start, you’ll be amazed with where this commitment brings you if you truly commit.



 This portion is to help people who have to walk or run inside with no equipment and have no idea what to do…
Why I LOVE Leslie Sansone Walk at Home workouts and truly feel that for anyone who has the go ahead from a doctor to exercise, can do this.
1) This is something ALL fitness levels can do. I do not like diets or gimmicks and like things we can do for life.
2) I remember doing this at 300 lbs + I would either do this or use the treadmill and weights. I remember doing this even pre journey at my very highest and I remember seeing my reflection in a mirror and crying..did I really look like that kicking and stepping but I pushed forward and in those beginning stages, her words often made me feel less guilty for being where I was. I also always knew I could do the movements, it felt good in the beginning to start something challenging but to know I COULD do it.
3) I live in the country so 100% of my workouts are gym / trainer free since I began my journey and either done in the house or out in the great outdoors – This is something we can all use at home. I’m in Atlantic Canada, full blown winter here and I don’t use this program many months a year but for this time of year, it’s a GREAT option for me.

4) It’s SO adjustable..I’ve come a long way since those beginning stages and with journey still to go, I make some changes when I use one of Leslie’s routines.. For me, I always run in place ( or around my house ) instead of walking and I keep a bounce going, like a jog for the other movements. I also now keep earphones on and listen to my own music ( sorry Leslie hehe but from so many times before I can still hear her encouraging voice in my head ) and I LOVE my music time and the thing is, this is an easy adjustment and takes an already great workout up to a crazy level if you need to do that. You can work this as hard as you want to. For many days, I’ll put on a 40 minute video and the reason I still keep it on, is because it breaks up that running in place with kicks, arm, core work, I can even use weights and again I have my own music on and it works… As mentioned above, I’ve trained for 2 1/2 marathons and know kick butt workouts..this kicks butt when we make it reach our level. On the flip side, if just starting out and you want to start with a 14 minute mile, you don’t have to do all the kicks and punches and leg lifts OR the entire 14 minutes – it’s so easy to do what you can…try the movements, do your best and get stronger each day, If starting out and you have been looking for something you can do feeling like there’s nothing, I urge you to try this ( I have no affiliation with Leslie, just my own experience and lot’s of reading from others since I began working with people in 2011 ) I love how it can reach all ages and levels.
I have even done the 3 miles outside in the summer on a mini trampoline ‪#‎TrueStory‬ 🙂  Here is a link to a 1 mile you can try today below. I also wanted to add that if walking or adjusting to add intensity like I do, this is a great workout and you should feel proud !

 5) Do you have a Fitbit and want to get in some crazy awesome steps ?? Doesn’t matter if you run or walk, this will help you get there BUT you’ll also work so many other muscle groups…other things I do, during the day, I’ll randomly stop what I’m doing and get 500 steps in at a time..waiting for the washer to spin dry..step step step…watching tv at night, I’ll often run or walk in place and kick instead of sitting.

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