Sara Bown  | Facebook page celebrating 20,000 STRONG !
Sara Bown | Facebook page celebrating 20,000 STRONG !

Sara Bown | Facebook page celebrating 20,000 STRONG !

October 9th / 14

 I’m feeling overwhelmed with joy and truly blessed that my page ( our ) page has reached 20,000 STRONG !! When I started this page, I remember being excited over the first 20 page friends,  I had no idea of the journey I would take here with all of you.
Over time, since starting this page, it has grown into an online community filled with people I care deeply for and the passion I have to help others live their best, most happy, healthy, authentic life grows daily as I continue on my own forever journey.

 This page is a reflection of my life and the life work I want to put out into the world. I really can’t tell you how amazing it is to have YOU here. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it each milestone…. This page is NOT me, it’s WE ! We are a team here and a reflection of the power of hope, determination AND friendship. I am proud beyond measure of what we as a page put out into the world – It’s a light and whisper saying YOU CAN – YOU ARE WORTH IT – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL – YOU DESERVE TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE – and THIS is why, with each milestone, WE ALL CELEBRATE. I thank God for this opportunity  – Happy 20.000 !!!

Feel free to share video with anyone it may motivate. I want to be very open in sharing that I still have fitness goals in my big goal plan but this video is to celebrate the road traveled, not only visual transformation but more importantly, transformation on the inside allowing me to fully live and enjoy life ! ~ Sara Bown




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